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Car rental companies usually collect a deposit when the renter picks up the vehicle and refund the full amount at the end of the rental (if all goes well).

If you are looking for a US based car rental that does not require a deposit, unfortunately there are none available at this time.

Still, it's worth knowing which car rental company charges the lowest deposit to keep your initial expenses down.

15 Car Rental Companies With The Lowest Deposit (No Deposit?) - DRIVE + DRIVE (1)

15 Low Deposit Car Rentals (Cheap to Expensive)

This list starts with the car rental company that requires the lowest deposit.

#1 movement

Deposit Amount:150 $.

Website: https://www.getaround.com/

One of the most popular car sharing networks, Getaround is a convenient way to find a provider with the right make and model for your needs.

While the deposit for first-time guests starts at $150, it can increase depending on the car, length of trip, and Getaround's discretion.

The deposit is collected for each trip and Getaround will refund this amount, minus any unpaid amounts, within 14 days of the end of the trip.

#2 Silver Car

Deposit Amount:200 $.

Website: https://turo.com/

Silvercar is a unique Audi car rental service. The Audi-only fleet is likely to delight Audi enthusiasts looking to try a different Audi model on business trips or family vacations.

In addition, the entire rental is contactless and the guest receives instructions on their cell phone with which they can unlock the vehicle before starting their journey.

Silvercar will authorize your payment card up to the estimated total amount plus a $200 deposit at the start of the rental.

#3 Six

Deposit Amount:200 $.

Website: https://www.sixt.com/

Sixt's $200 deposit is the lowest among traditional car rental companies (which aren't carsharing platforms).

This amount can be higher for high-quality luxury cars. Still, Sixt charges $200 for security for most vehicles, including minivans and large SUVs like the Chevrolet Tahoe and Chevrolet Suburban.

Although Sixt issues a refund within 24 hours of the end of your trip, it usually takes a few days for the money to reach your payment account.

#4 Dollar

Deposit Amount:$200 for credit cards; $500 for debit cards.

Website: https://www.dollar.com/

Hertz Corporation owns and operates Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty car rental companies, so they have similar deposit requirements.

When you pick up your car, Dollar will authorize your credit or debit card to be blocked for the estimated amount plus the security deposit.

From a deposit perspective, using a credit card is more beneficial as the amount is much lower than a debit card – $200 vs. $500.

Cards with American Express, Carte Blanche, China Union Pay, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard or Visa logos are accepted.

#5 Hertz

Deposit Amount:$200 for credit cards; $500 for debit cards.

Website: https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/reservation/

Because Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty all belong to the same parent company, you have more vehicle choices at Hertz.

The deposit amount is $200 and $500 for credit and debit cards respectively.

#6 Frugal

Deposit Amount:$200 for credit cards; $500 for debit cards.

Website: https://www.thrifty.com/

While Thrifty rentals in the US require a $200 or $500 card lock deposit, renters in Canada pay $350 regardless of card type.

However, it's important to note that blue-chip Thrifty members won't have this accidental suspension of their payment card if they have a non-prepaid Visa card saved to their profile after their first rental.

If you're thinking about renting a car from Thrifty, it can help to understand thisCommon Thrifty issues and complaints, as it did not score highly in JD Power's annual satisfaction survey.

#7 Teaching

Deposit Amount:At least $200; Depending on the car and the age of the renter, it can be as high as $750.

Website: https://turo.com/

Turo is the most popular carsharing platform and a great choice for travelers who want an endless choice of cars at unbeatable rental prices.

Turo cars may have limited mileage, but the mileage will be enough for most use cases (rpd). For those who need more miles than they are allotted, exceeding the limit is reasonable and depends on the type of vehicle.

Because the amount of the deposit varies by rental company, expect to pay more for larger, more expensive cars, especially for younger drivers.

#8 Zeitung

Deposit Amount:250-300 $.

Website: https://www.avis.com/en/home

Avis competes with Hertz and Enterprise as the largest providerCar Rental in North Americaand worldwide.

As with other traditional rental companies, Avis places a $250 security deposit on your payment card in addition to the estimated total rental cost, whether you choose to pay upfront or pay later.

The next two car rental companies on this list are part of the Avis Budget Group, so expect their deposits to be similar to Avis'.

#9 Free

Deposit Amount:$250 for credit cards; $300 for debit cards.

Website: https://www.paylesscar.com/en/home

Free car rentalis the least known of the three Avis properties and offers incredibly low rents.

Their deposit isn't the cheapest, but you'll be hard pressed to find a cheaper rental car than Payless– but watch out for hidden fees.

However, due to the limited number of branches, you are less likely to find one in your destination.

#10 Budget

Deposit Amount:Up to $300 ($100 prepaid rent).

Website: https://www.budget.com/en/home

Regardless of your credit or debit card, Budget will take a deposit of up to $300; The amount may vary by location.

Budget requires a minimum security deposit of $100 in the following cases:

  • Prepaid rental through Budget.com.
  • Insurance or replacement car rental.
  • tour rental.

While the industry average for a US rental is $300, Canadian partners pay $500 for the first day and $75 for each additional rental day.

#11 Alamo

Deposit Amount:300-400 $.

Website: https://www.alamo.com/en/home.html

Alamo is a reliable car rental companyand ranks among the most trusted companies in the industry, right behind its sister companies, Enterprise and National.

While the deposit requirements aren't the highest, $300-$400 (depending on location) is a reasonable amount for above-average service.

Alamo also has a significant number of rental locations and a wide range of vehicles to suit most needs.

#12 Dragons

Deposit Amount:$300 for credit cards; $500 for debit cards.

Website: https://drivekyte.com/

Kyte's uniqueness lies in the delivery and collection of the rental car at the end of the trip, without the need to refuel like traditional car rental companies.

A $300 security deposit, while not cheap, is an acceptable sum that gives you the convenience of getting your car where you need it without worrying about additional transportation at the end of your trip.

Hassle-free operation, excellent service and a professionally maintained fleet are the main reasons to use Kyte over traditional rental services.

#13 National

Deposit Amount:$300-400; up to $800 for top-of-the-line cars.

Website: https://www.nationalcar.com/en/home.html

National is a reputable car rental companywith the highest quality service.

It offers high levels of customer satisfaction, although rental prices are probably the highest of any company.

The security deposit charged by a domestic car rental company starts at $300 but can go as high as $800 for the most expensive cars.

Credit cards accepted for rentals in the US and Canada include Amex, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

#14 Advantage

Deposit Amount:$350 or 25% of rental amount, whichever is greater.

Website: https://advantage.com/

The further down the list goes, the bigger the deposit amount gets, with Advantage, a lesser-known service, asking for one of the highest amounts for security reasons.

Advantage has few rental locations, so the chances of hiring their services are minimal.

#15 company

Deposit Amount:$400-$850 depending on vehicle class.

Website: https://www.enterprise.com/en/home.html

According to JD Power, companies enjoy the highest levels of customer satisfaction, which is reflected in margin requirements.

Enterprise isn't the best option if you want to keep your down payment to a minimum.

What about cash deposits and debit cards?

Although car rental companies prefer credit cards when picking up the vehicle, alternative payment methods may be possible.

For more information, see these posts:

  • Car rental companies that accept cash and cash deposits.
  • Car rental companies that accept debit cards(Insoles).


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