Hertz office and headquarters (2023)

225 Brae Blvd. Park Ridge New Jersey 07656

Hertz business phone number:

(201) 307-2000

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191 ratings for Hertz Headquarters and Office


When making a reservation it is very difficult to understand the people on the other end of the line. In order to be understood, there must be people with a good voice.

- by C. Nolt

Worse service I have ever had. It's been a week and my property or car can't be found and I'm still getting bills for it

- Przez Hectora Calderona

Hertz is the worst place to rent a car! ! Poor customer service, no response to emails or calls. Rude staff at Cherry Hill office

-by Anonymous

Hertz is the worst company to work for and the worst company to rent a car from.

-by Anonymous

billing department

I called Hertz Billing twice and they hung up twice. They obviously don't care about billing issues properly and just hung up. Shockingly poor customer service, agents need training.

- Suzanne Holbrook


Book a car in Hawaii, arrive at the airport and the Hertz counter was closed. (There's nobody around) There's two guys standing there, janitors with mop buckets. They told me where to go via the three lane road under the overpass to the log cabin. The people at the cabin were rude, they said he was very busy so I signed the papers and then he told me to find my own car. The car was dirty and needed cleaning, the side mirrors could not be seen.

- by Bobby


We are cheated in the sales program. Revenue Manager plays with numbers JFK, LGA. They take what we made.

- by an employee

It's not good everywhere!

I was an employee and rented a Mercedes. It was delivered to my garage and after I left work I had to take it to the car wash for cleaning!!! Yes I got a discount but wouldn't you make sure every vehicle that leaves is cleaned!! Customer service was terrible and I keep getting Plate Pass bills saying my bills aren't activated for my car and I paid for both straight away! After a year I still can't fix this bill!! To make matters worse, I rented the car I wanted and rented it to someone else. I had to drive 15 miles to buy another vehicle!

-from WZ

Be careful when renting from Hertz as they have a registration card in their cars. They charge a fee for this without even asking about the service. To make matters worse, I used my own Easy Pass and was charged double. When they contacted Hertz they said there was nothing they could do as the passport was being processed by a third party. However, Hertz has it in their cars!!!

- by Cathy Blume


We booked a car with Firefly Car Rental a month before our trip to get a discount on a full car. When we arrived after our five hour flight, I was told that they didn't have any cars other than the Chevrolet Aveo. I called the call center (based in Manila) and was told there was nothing they could do for me and that I would have to try another company at the airport. It cost me three times more when I booked the car. I will never use Hertz again.

- by type A


I will never think about using Hertz again. Very unhappy with the service as I have complained about 3 people I have been threatening and talking to for over 45 minutes. I asked for a credit as I had to return the car to another location after 14 hours of use. Overall bad experience. Next time I'll stick with the Enterprise.

– by Brad McGeoch

Medium booked but the bot was honored

I booked this car in Sweden last week. The car I ordered was medium sized. I am disabled and a former soccer player. They gave a Ford Fiesta to my daughter who picked up the car. So small that I would cramp when sitting with my feet forward. Remember I'm a former soccer player. As I squeezed into my car this afternoon as we left LAX, I knew there was a problem. There wasn't enough space even for our luggage. Hertz wasn't interested and even the manager on duty at the Hilton Woodland Hills tried to call to change the car but was told they were closing at 2pm on Saturday!!!!! This is abiominabele, Hetrx broke the rules, they made a deal with me and so on falsely pretending that they reserved a car for me.

-von Dr. Ashley Burrowes

Worst of all: go somewhere else! !

Hired in Cabo, took over an hour, first tried to give us a damaged car that had an accident! I waited 30 minutes for another one and was later billed twice the advertised amount. Hertz didn't care, it wouldn't answer calls or emails.

- by Steve Moss

Dangerous Cars

This company has put my family in danger. They hired me a VERY dangerous car that could be avoided if someone actually checked the car. Be wary of tires with no tread. I will never rent from them again and will NOT pay that rent.

- from Lisa

Terrible service

The service is terrible, the office never answers the phone. I'm trying to pay a bill that was debited from our account even though we returned the car because the service and maintenance lights were flashing near the odometer. Ultimately we have to contact our credit card company to dispute the charges. I will NOT rent from them again!!!!!

- von Robert Likes

Terrible service

The car was not available at the time of booking. Rude people. No return of the phone as promised. The holidays have been ruined. The car available the next day either had flat tyres, a cracked windshield or was compact. Very dissatisfied and head office never responded to calls or emails as promised

-by Anonymous

Never again

Hertz charged my credit card for over $400. for scratched rims on a car I hired in Ireland. I had two explosions after hitting a rock in the street. Hertz called the shop and I paid for the tow truck and tires. The workshop said the rims were fine and I rode them for the next 7 days with no problems. When I checked the car in, the check in said they were scratched and they would be charged for new rims which I'm sure they never replaced. Hertz will never see me or my friends again.

-by Anonymous

Terrible account manager

I visited the Hertz airport rental and was surprised by the behavior of the account manager (which I later learned from one of the employees). Absolutely not a professional. I think representing the company is nothing.

- from Maria


The rent for the repair time was covered by the insurance company. Hertz charged the insurance company. and my visa for the same amount. Hertz will not refund the overpaid fee. You were paid twice for the same event. I'm out of $320!!!

- by the insurance customer

Fraudulent rental

Hertz Rent-A-Car gave me a fake credit score that was 200 POINTS below my credit score and then refused to rent me a car that I paid for in full!!!!! I tried calling her after the holidays but the businesswoman refused to help me and then hung up on our call!!!! I have never been treated so rudely in my life!!! I had the pleasure of renting a car from Enterprise and they were more than happy to rent me a car for my vacation.

-by Michelle

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