How to properly use an RV dump station (and avoid a mess!) (2023)

If you are traveling by trailer, you will inevitably have to empty your sewage tanks at a trailer dump station. Knowing how to use an RV dump station is essential to cleaning your RV tanks quickly and efficiently. Let's learn how to use an RV dump station correctly.

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  • What is an RV dump station?
  • What You Need to Use an RV Dump Station
    • Sewer hose and accessories
    • utility hose
    • Gloves
    • Cleaning wipes or disinfectants
  • How to Properly Use an RV Dump Station
    • Alinee su RV
    • Connecting your sewer hose
    • Which tank to unload first
    • Cleaning your sewer hose
    • clean up after yourself
  • Should you empty your tanks at a trailer dump station?
  • trailer dump station label

What is an RV dump station?

the motor homedump stationit's a sewer drain connection that allows trailers to empty their black and gray tanks. You often have non-potable water to help flush the system and rinse the hoses when you're done.

Most of the time, you'll see an RV dump station at the exit of a campground, truck stops, or even some highway rest stops. Signs advertising a dump station are usually brown. Often they will have an image of a trailer with an arrow pointing to the ground.

How to properly use an RV dump station (and avoid a mess!) (1)

Many campgrounds offer free use of their dump station to guests and charge nominal fees for non-guests. If there is a fee, expect to pay $5 to $25 per eviction. Depending on the price of the campsite, it may be worth staying overnight to get the best possible bang for your buck.

What You Need to Use an RV Dump Station

There are a few items you'll want to have on hand before you park at an RV dump station. Let's take a look at these items and why you need them.

Sewer hose and accessories

Ecaravan drain hoseconnects the RV drain valve to a dump station sewer connection. You will find a variety of lengths and types of sewer hoses on the market. However, they all serve the same purpose: transporting the liquids from your tanks to the sewer.

However, having a hose is not enough. You will also need some fittings to connect the sewer hose to the dump station. Two essential accessories are onetransparent elbow and adapter 4 in 1to protect the connection to the sewer drain. Otherwise, the opening pressure of the valves could cause the hose to come out of the sewer drain, resulting in a black or gray water spill.


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(Video) Dump Station for RV - 5 RV Dumping Station Tips for Beginners

Although you can purchase a hose and fittings separately, we recommend asewer hose kit🇧🇷 There are several options available that offer everything you need to unload your tanks.

utility hose

Black tanks can contain some pretty weird smells. If left unchecked, odors will find their way into the living space of an RV. If your RV has ablack tank dumpconnection, you'll want onedesignated service hoseto clean your tanks.

Connect one end of the utility hose to the nonpotable water supply and the other end to the black tank discharge connection. Once your black tanks are empty, keep your trailer's sewer system connected to the dump station and turn on the non-potable water. Closing the valve on your black tank will allow non-potable water to fill your black tank.

Do you want to invest in awater flow meterto make sure you don't overfill the tank. Once an adequate amount of water has filled your tank, open the valve and repeat until no solids are present during the flush.


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While there are ways to avoid contact with sewage when using an RV dump station, you should wear gloves. Germs are likely on sewer hoses, hose connections, handles, and items around the dump station.

We recommendDisposable glovesso you can throw them out later and definitely have hand sanitizer in an easily accessible place for this job.

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Cleaning wipes or disinfectants

To keep your hoses, fittings and fittings as clean and hygienic as possible, invest incleanerohandkerchiefs🇧🇷 While you can't avoid coming into contact with germs by using an RV dump station, you can avoid creating an ideal place for them to live.

Regular cleaning of your RV's hoses and accessories with cleaning products and disinfectant wipes will keep odors and germs at bay. Any all-purpose cleaner that kills bacteria will suffice for this task.

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How to Properly Use an RV Dump Station

Now that you have all the necessary equipment, let's look at the proper steps to use a trailer dump station.

Alinee su RV

You want to get your trailer close enough to connect your sewer valve to the dump station sewer connection. The more hose you have, the more flexibility you will have in your placement. If you have more than one black tank valve connection, be sure to reach both connections.

When lining up your trailer, it's essential to consider your exit. Be sure to leave room for maneuver. Be aware of any possible sway in the rear of your trailer. You don't want to end your trip by scraping the side of your trailer on a pole at the dump station.

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Connecting your sewer hose

After connecting the 4-in-1 fitting to the sewer hose, connect the fitting to the RV dump station. With one end at the dump station, stretch the hose to connect to your trailer's bilge valve.

Place the drain hose under the drain valve while turning the cap. Often, chunks of fluid can leak through closed valves, and this method helps keep them from dripping onto you or onto the floor.

It is always advisable to double-check all your connections at this time. Make sure your connection and your trailer's bilge valve fit snugly. Any loose connections will lead to leaks during discharge.

Which tank to unload first

After checking that the hose and connections are secure, you can open theblack tank🇧🇷 It is important to dispose of the black tank first because it contains raw sewage. After finishing your black tank you can open yourgray tank🇧🇷 If you have a separate gray tank for the kitchen sink and shower, you will need to open the kitchen sink first, then the shower.

This process allows the dirtiest fluids to pass through the fittings and hoses first. Although the kitchen sink is greywater, it often contains food particles and oils that have been sitting out for days or weeks. Making the gray shower tank last removes unwanted particles since it's basically just soap and water.

How to properly use an RV dump station (and avoid a mess!) (10)

When the tanks are empty, check that all valves are closed. You can then disconnect the sewer hose from the RV. Again, be sure to disconnect the sewer hose, place it immediately below your RV's drain valve to catch any liquid that may be leaking out. Hold the sewer hose up to allow any excess liquid to drain from the hose into the dump station.

Cleaning your sewer hose

Using the non-potable hose to flush water from the hose and fittings helps to remove any remaining liquid. You can then use a cleaning cloth or disinfectant. This will prevent bacteria and germs from causing odors in storage.

RV Dump Station: 5 RV Dump Station Tips For Beginners

(Video) Rv Dump Stations - Avoiding the messy situation

clean up after yourself

Do not accelerate after packing your hoses and accessories. It is customary to look around and spray any drips or leaks that occur during the wash. You don't want to leave a VR skid mark!

How to properly use an RV dump station (and avoid a mess!) (11)

Using the non-potable water hose to spray liquids at the dump station provides the next RVer with a cool spot. Leaving a mess at the RV dump station is rude and may result in stations charging a fee to offset clean-up costs.

Should you empty your tanks at a trailer dump station?

Rinsing your tanks is an integral part of keeping odors in check. However, there is an appropriate time and place to do so. This process can take a while. It is not acceptable when there is a queue at the RV drop off station.

The best way to use a garbage station is quickly and efficiently. Be quick if you are staying at a campsite and leaving on a Sunday. The dump station will likely be at its busiest during this time as other guests will also be checking out. If you need to empty your tanks, it's best to plan to do so during off-peak hours.

How to properly use an RV dump station (and avoid a mess!) (12)

trailer dump station label

There are some written and unwritten rules in terms of trailer dump station etiquette. They are mostly common sense, like cleaning the sewer area after yourself.

You should also disinfect the water faucet handle before using it. You never know who or what touched the faucet before you got there. Using disinfectant sprays and wipes can reduce the risk of contracting germs and bacteria.

Finally, don't flush if there's a line waiting. Emptying your tanks can take a long time, so you want to make sure you empty your trailer's tanks quickly and efficiently. Don't waste another RVer's afternoon taking 20-30 minutes to drain and drain your RV's tanks.

How to properly use an RV dump station (and avoid a mess!) (13)

Proper use of an RV dump station is an essential part of your RV experience. You don't want to leave a trail of enemies behind by misusing a dump station. You also don't want to be the reason a free download station turns into a pay as you go site.

Which VR trash tag do you hate to see violated?Leave your comments below!

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