Is the cvs down or not working? :web_name | Current Status and Issues | Interruption 2023 (2023)

Online order, will not complete my order for shipping.

by Danny Luna 2 days ago

I can't enter my website

by Frances Hart 1 week ago

I can't log in for the last two days says technical difficulties

by billy wofford 1 week ago

I can not access my account. Is the website offline?

by John R. Bressler 2 weeks ago

None of my recipes appear in the app

by Matt 2 weeks ago

I tried to buy something with my $10 reward but when I checked nothing happened, no confirmation... nothing. Having technical problems?

by Stephanie Bishop 3 weeks ago

Cvs and Caremark sites have serious issues. Too many lists to know. But they don't list all available script pickup dates for restock dates. It doesn't list today's orders, just yesterday and a few months ago. Let's say a script is ready to be recharged on the phone and it doesn't list the current status of the recharge request. Not only me but many people are accessing resumes in the Thespis area

by Kate Hugel 1 month ago

Their website accurately reflects the prescription. It's a hot mess, Gloucester Massachusetts

by Kate Hugel 1 month ago

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I can't add the calendars I made to my shopping cart to order them. I've been trying for 2 days. Whenever I try to place an order, the screen "Your cart is empty" appears. I have to click continue shopping and it takes me back to my project. I can add prints to my cart, but calendars don't!

by Neena Weaver 2 months ago

I want to order a refill of my medication - I can't access the Technical Problems website - I've been getting this message for 2 days. There's always a problem with the CVS website - annoying!

by E. Escobar 3 months ago

I have been receiving ExtraCare vouchers and rewards etc for years. by email. Last week I received emails but when I press send to the card nothing happens, I don't get any confirmation. Dog sent to the map, the site does not seem to be working.

by Martha Hitchcock 3 months ago

I go to the site to see my recipes. When I try to view them, the site says I need to log in...even though I'm already logged in. It's a never ending cycle and I can never get my prescriptions back and I end up having to call.

by In 3 months ago

The CVS site does not allow me to view or manage my vouchers and value-added rewards

by Charllene Shover 3 months ago

I would like my prescription delivered to my home. I don't have any means of transport to pick her up.

by Herminia Rivera Rodriquez 4 months ago

The website suddenly does not allow login in the browser. It works fine in the app.

by aj 4 months ago

The CVS application Every time I try to send items to the cart I get an error, it's not working. I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

by Jason 5 months ago

pharmacy down

by Susan 5 months ago

My shopping cart does not load, it gives me an error message

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by j. 6 months ago

Whenever I try to go to the cart, either to add or delete items, a problem appears at the end of them

by Marie A Kuhn 6 months ago

No one answers the phone and I can't get in touch online. My meds are with him and I have to call to get them refilled. I am disabled and need both of my medications. One for depression and one for my tremors.

by Cynthia Horsley 6 months ago

I can't pay my order, it always says something went wrong

to August 6 months ago

My online CVS shopping cart is not loading

by Angela F. Guidry 6 months ago

Says I have no prescription history. This is the only pharmacy I use. :/

by Ash 6 months ago

Means there are technical difficulties when trying to add something to your cart

by Chris Graham 6 months ago

Car is not loaded

by Angela Garza7 months ago

I can't access my recipes. It says the "... server is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” It's been like this for three days now.

by Deb 7 months ago

Hello, I buy CVS online as an Extra CARE member and allow website coupons. When I try to access my needed items, items cannot touch the screen to access more items such as coupons, categories, anything valuable, an online order basically freezes and no longer gives me access to checking the products I need.

by GAYLE PUNCHIOS 7 months ago

Recipes are not loading

by Mark Garvin 7 months ago

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It doesn't show all my recipes and the app just doesn't work or crashes

by Panda 7 months ago

The CVS app stopped working on my iPhone for about a week. When I try to open the app it immediately closes. I restarted my phone several times and also reinstalled the app several times but nothing improved. All my other apps work.

by KA 7 months ago

I haven't been able to access the app on my iPhone for days now. It just goes to my home screen

by Nicci 7 months ago

I can't access CVS ON MY IPHONE. Problem now for three days.

by Mary Edwards7 months ago

I get an error when trying to access the Pharmacy section.

by Ed 8 months ago

I couldn't see certain parts of my recipes on the CVS website until I used a different browser. It didn't work with Firefox, but everything on the CVS website showed up when I switched to Safari.

by Marylin 8 months ago

The pharmacy part of the site is not fully functional. You can go to the pharmacy, but you can't get a list of prescriptions or renewal information. When clicking on these links, there is only a blank screen.

by mg 8 months ago

Thought I'd check it out instead of going to the store - believe it or not, they don't match the online store price and tend to drive the price down. What should have been considered an easy task is now a nuisance. I can't verify because the message displayed is "Sorry, something went wrong with us.." It started out fine until it wasn't.

from "Sorry, something went wrong with us." 8 months ago

I am unable to fill my prescription for epilepsy due to your "technical difficulties". They don't even send it to a decent pharmacy. If I have a seizure because of your technical difficulties, I will technically sue you.

by Graham Ross 8 months ago

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The store's pharmacy is closed due to "technical issues" and the IT team has told staff that they have no idea when it will be open. I couldn't get the heart meds I needed because my transdermal patch fell off early

by Kyle 9 months ago

I can't log in, it says there is a "technical problem"
What is wrong? I want to see my test results

by Caroline Padavano 9 months ago

cvsphoto site cannot be loaded; Error on phone and iPad: "Too many HTTP redirects"

When will this be fixed?

[Email protected]

by Jeanne Fandozzi 9 months ago

Both mine and my wife's don't work, it says the information entered is incorrect.
Called 866-819-2516, date of birth required, then said loan company, then came fax tone mumbling something garbled and disconnected. FFF CLASSIFICATION

by James Strong 10 months ago

Login is not possible. It says technical problems

by Amy Boyd 10 months ago

I have not been able to access my shopping cart since Sunday morning.

by Melissa Goodwin 11 months ago


by LS 11 months ago

Why is the CVS website constantly not working properly? I have asked several times to send a code and I have not received anything. Not even in my spam folder. This happens almost every time I try to log into my CVS account.

by G Sniscak 11 months ago

We're sorry
Due to technical issues, we are unable to complete your request at this time.

Please try again.... 2.5 days ??

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by Robert Nadeau 11 months ago


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