New FastPass payment system coming to Disney World and Disneyland (2023)

Well we knew it was coming and here it is.

Say goodbye to FastPass, FastPass+ and MaxPass as you know them, becausethe new Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ are the future in bothThe Walt Disney worldjDisneyland.

We won't lie if we say this is a lot of information to digest, especially when Disney fans on both coasts have to learn a whole new FastPass-style system.

With that said, we're here to break it all down in the simplest way possible.

The first is the first -This new genius will arrive at both Disney World and Disneyland this fall. We don't have an exact date yet.

are digital servicesintegrated into the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps.

Now let's break down everything you need to know about Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lanes.

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What is Disney's genius?

New FastPass payment system coming to Disney World and Disneyland (1)

Disney Genie is a new free digital service(as opposed to Disney Genie+) described as a way to help you "create your best Disney day ever".

The purpose behind this, according to Disney, is "to help you get the most out of your visit".

The Genie is designed to help you "maximize your time at the park so you can have more fun".

(Video) Breaking Down Disney's New PAID FastPass System

Includes a custom itinerary feature to help you plan a full day at the park including attractions, dining, entertainment and more.

Disney Genie will "consolidate existing scheduling capabilities into one place," like virtual queues, restaurant and experience reservations, mobile ordering, a virtual assistant and more.

Basically, it's a free planning tool within the Disney World and Disneyland apps..

What is Disney Genie+?

New FastPass payment system coming to Disney World and Disneyland (2)

Now,Disney Genie+ you have to pay. This is essentially the new FastPass payment system. It's similar to MaxPass at Disneyland.

Genie+ offers guests the option to skip the line to select attractions for a daily fee.

The price is as follows:

  • Disney World: $15 pro Ticket pro Tag
  • Disneyland: $20 pro Ticket pro Tag

You choose the next available time to get to a variety of attractions (including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Haunted Mansion, and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run) and experiences. You can only make one selection at a time. You then get in via Lightning Lanes.

Genie+ also includes Disney Parks-themed audio experiences and photo features to capture your memories, such as:

if that meansGuests at Disney WorldNOGet unlimited PhotoPass downloads.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotel guests can reserve a selection of individual Lightning Lane attractions starting at 7:00 am. M. IT IS T. All Genie+ guests can reserve their first attraction from 7am. M IT IS T

New FastPass payment system coming to Disney World and Disneyland (3)

Most attractions that previously offered FastPass+ at Disney World and FastPass/MaxPass at Disneyland offer Lightning Lane entry through Disney Genie+.

While we don't have a specific release date yet, we do knowGuests can purchase Genie+ from 00:00 on the day of their visit. M

That doesn't mean you have to wake up in the middle of the night or that Genie+ runs out, it just means you can stock up on Genie+ as soon as the day changes.

(Video) Disney Genie Plus and Lightning Lanes Explained (w/ Tips on When to Buy)

Genie+ can be purchased as an additional ticket option, valid for the duration of guests' stay, but only forR:

  • Separate tickets based on dates at Disney World
  • Most standalone entrances at Disneyland
  • Vacation packages to Disney World and Disneyland with these tickets

Otherwise, buy Genie+ every day you want to use it as an in-app purchase.

Important: When Genie+ is purchased with a ticket or vacation packageforwardOne visit earns Genie+ for the entire length of stay (each day of a multi-day visit). Upon purchase on the day of visit, guests purchase Genie+ for a single day.

Basically, if you don't want Genie+ for every day of your multi-day visit, you can't get it in advance and have to buy it on the day of each visit that you want to use it.

Was sind Lightning Lanes?

This is simply the new name for the FastPass lanes.

New FastPass payment system coming to Disney World and Disneyland (4)

Individual attraction selection for Lightning Lane

HeuSelection of individual Lightning Lane attractions thatthey are not includedwith Genie+. They are sold separately and are paid per use.

They schedule time to reach two high-demand attractions via Lightning Lanes each day, like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom and Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure.

The price varies depending on the date, attraction and park. More information will be announced shortly before the fall release.

To be clear, there is a maximum of two purchases per guest per day.. Also,Genie+ and this a la carte option are separate.

This option can be used at various theme parks and for those with the Park Hopper option.

For picking individual attractions in Lightning Lane, off-site Disney World guests can start picking when the park opens, butYou don't have to be in the park to do this. Once again, Disney World Resort hotel guests can make this choice starting at 7am. M

New FastPass payment system coming to Disney World and Disneyland (5)

What about virtual and queues?

Standby queues don't go anywhere, neither do virtual queues.

Both Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios and Disneyland and WEB SLINGERS at Disney California Adventure Park continue to offer free virtual queues. They will also offer individual Lightning Lane payment options.

(Video) DISNEY GENIE - NEW PAID FASTPASS REPLACEMENT coming to Disney World & Disneyland - Lightning Lane

Plus, Remy's Ratatouille Adventure will open with a virtual queue similar to Rise of the Resistance when it opens at Epcot on October 1st. You will also have the option to purchase à la carte as soon as it becomes available.

Important: from 23.09.the virtual queueit will be on hiatus for Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios. A queue is used. You can still buy the ticket through theLightning Lane-A la carte option.

Walt Disney World vs. Disneyland

Here are the differences between the two when it comes to these new options:


  • Genie+ gives you access to over 15 attractions for $20 per ticket per day
  • Includes unlimited PhotoPass downloads
  • All guests can reserve Genie+ return times and customized Lightning Lane options as soon as they enter the parks

Disney World

  • Genie+ gives you access to over 40 attractions for $15 per ticket per day
  • Doesn't include unlimited PhotoPass downloads, but does include advanced filters
  • Walt Disney World Resort Hotel guests can reserve a selection of individual Lightning Lane attractions starting at 7:00 am. M. IT IS T. All Genie+ guests can reserve their first attraction from 7am. M IT IS T

What does this mean for annual pass holders?

Much is still unknown about what this means for annual pass holders, but there are a few things we do know.

As reported byMy News 13 journalist Ashley Carter"To start with, Disney World Pass and Disneyland Magic Key holders can add Disney Genie+ on the day of their visit."

Disney World and Disneyland Annual Pass holders may also purchase individual Lightning Lane selections on the day of their visit.

According to the Disney Food Blog, “Disney will continue to pursue improvements for pass holders andkey delimiterwith Disney Genie in the future. No discount information has been shared at this time.”

Remember, as previously announced, new Walt Disney World Annual Pass sales will be available in time for launchthe 50 year celebration. More details are expected to be announced later in August.

Updates to the Disability Access Service

The Disabled Access Service (DAS) programat Disney World and Disneyland now offers the ability to register for the program before arrival, and DAS attendees can select attractions directly in the app. These options are available in addition to the existing personal DAS program.

(Video) NEW DISNEY Genie Service replaces Fastpass & MAXPASS in Disneyland and Walt Disney World

And that's all we know so far!

We'll be sure to keep you updated on the latest details released about Genie+, including the release date. Stay tuned!

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