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Dumpster prices in New York City typically range from $447 to $1,353. Exact prices depend on your location, the size of the rental and the amount of trash you throw out. Please note that the price may increase if you exceed covered tonnage, keep the container longer than expected, or request a different container.

Take a look at available roll-off container sizes and contact us to get started.






40 yards

10 yard trash can

Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (1)

best for

  • Small modifications
  • Concrete, Asphalt and Brick
  • Dirt and Sand

12 yard trash can

Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (2)

best for

  • small apartment cleaning
  • kitchen remodeling
  • landscaping projects

15 yard trash can

Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (3)

best for

  • roof designs
  • small house conversion
  • Concrete, Asphalt and Brick

20 yard trash can

Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (4)

best for

  • House cleaning
  • small house conversion
  • roof designs

30 yard trash can

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Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (5)

best for

  • Medium size conversions
  • House cleaning
  • construction projects

40 yard trash can

Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (6)

best for

  • big construction
  • demolition projects
  • House cleaning

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Note: The external dimensions of the trash can vary depending on the manufacturer, but the total volume is correct.

Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (7)

Roll-off Container Rental in NewYorkCity, NY

From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, the Big Apple is a fast-paced, bustling metropolis. Accelerate projects of any size in New York City with a roll-off trash can. Our leasing process makes it easy to get rid of unwanted junk, whether it's a condo renovation on the Upper East Side, a business expansion on Fifth Avenue, or a community cleanup in Central Park.

Your bucket rental price includes:

  • delivery and collection costs.
  • A defined weight limit for your waste.
  • Local landfill disposal fees.

Call 646-461-1930

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february 6th

I had excellent fast service with this…

I had excellent fast service with this company! I run a remodeling service for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, complete 3/4 remodels, etc., rubbish was an issue and I'm glad this company was able to meet all of our project needs! Thank you and we will do more business this year!


February 2 nd

exactly as expected

Exactly as expected. Perfect transaction.


January 18th

The young man I spoke to was wonderful

The young man I spoke with was wonderful. He treated me with the utmost respect.

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simple process

Minimize project delays and clean up quickly with our streamlined process.

Added value

Receive an upfront payment that includes delivery, disposal, and landfill fees to make budgeting easier.

Economize tempo on-line

Get onefree offerorschedule a pickupto rent your bucket online with just a few clicks.

custom options

Choose from our offerRoll-off trash can sizeshandle big and small cleanups.

industry experts

Trust our team of professionals to ensure your waste is disposed of quickly and responsibly.

first class service

Worry less about waste disposal with our world-class customer service team.

common questions

Can I have a recycling bin at my house?

yes it's that easy Get started by logging in and choosing a delivery date that works for you. Please provide us with detailed placement instructions to help our drivers place the rubbish - which part of your driveway and where you want the swing door to face - if you can't be there when the bin arrives. Finally, make sure the area is clear of obstacles such as cars, basketball hoops, and overhanging tree branches.

How soon can I deliver a dumpster?

We usually deliver bins within five business days. However, we can work with your schedule if you require a different date. Simply contact us before your project start date to ensure you receive a container on time.

Are rental containers expensive?

We have a range of boxes to suit almost every project and budget. With an average rental period of 7-10 days, a roll-off bin in your garage is a cost-effective way to dispose of trash all at once, rather than lugging it back and forth to the landfill or waiting for curbside pickup. We also group all the costs associated with your rental together so there are no surprises on your final bill.

Do I need a permit to place a trash can in my garage?

No, you do not need a permit if the dumpster is placed on your property. If you want to place the container on a street, alley or sidewalk, a permit is usually required. Visit the NYC website to apply for one.right of way.

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Are you taking the trash to a landfill?

Yes, much garbage dumped in New York City is taken to the Hamilton Avenue Marine Transfer Station at 91st Street MTS.

What is not allowed in my trash can?

For environmental and health reasons, toxic, combustible and hazardous waste is never allowed in our bins. Please do not trash items that are not part of your project's recycle bin to ensure no additional fees are incurred.

learn more about itprohibited items, call us646-461-1930.

How do I load my recycle bin?

First, pass heavy objects like sofas and dressers through the swinging doors. Then, fill in the gaps with medium-sized trash — boxes, nightstands, footstools — and throw light trash on the sides, like bags of old clothes and accessories.

Should I rent a dumpster to my contractor?

It's a good idea to rent a dumpster to the contractor if he needs a local, reliable company to work with or if he ends up with more trash to dispose of than originally planned. Talk to your contractor about the job and how they intend to dispose of unwanted materials. Our pooled rates make it easy to add or subtract a price from your overall project budget, so you can work better with your contractor.

New York City Home Improvement Resources

Make sure you're ready to tackle all parts of your project - here are some local resources to help you get the job done.

Building permits for residential buildings

Completing a home project? Don't forget to get the proper building permits for your project - visit

HUD hub for New York homeowners

Visit the US Department of Housing and Urban Development website for help with New York home repairs and more.

Habitat for Humanity - NYC

If you or a loved one needs help with repairs, find out if the Habitat for Humanity Chapter in New York City and Westchester County can help.

New York Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste is not accepted in our dumpsters, but the NYC Dept. Special Household Waste Sanitation Services can help you with the disposal of certain hazardous items.

Dumpsters for businesses and contractors

In addition to private bin services, we also offer fast and efficient waste disposal for professional projects. Whether you need a permanent garbage collection service for your restaurant or a reliable waste partner for your employment contract, we can help.

commercial trash cans

become reliablepermanent bucket rentalwith consistent pricing, customizable garbage collection schedules, and expert support for your business.

build trash can

We will be your directelimination partnerfor any project site, whether you specialize in demolition work in New York City or new home construction across the state.

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Seg - Sex: 8:00am - 8:00pm EST

Sat: 8am - 5pm EST


Dom: 9h - 18h EST

New York City, NY 10007

Accepted Materials

Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (8)


We accept the following waste in our roll-off containers:

  • wreckage, boulder
  • Madeira and drywall
  • roofing materials
  • Concrete
  • Block
  • brick
  • dirt
  • Asphalt
  • domestic waste
  • Mat
  • piso
  • home appliances
  • Electronic
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses and box spring beds
  • garden waste
  • stumps

Restrictions or warnings may apply.

Rent a Dumpster in New York, NY (9)


We accept the following waste in our front-loading bins:

  • general garbage
  • waste of food
  • paper
  • Card
  • Plastic
  • packaging materials
  • office supplies
  • Electronic
  • broken dishes

Useful trash can guides

Learn all about renting a dumpster so you can approach your project with confidence.

Guides for disposing of bulky waste

bin weight calculator

Planning a home renovation

Apply for a New York Dumpster Donation

If you work for a community organization that needs a bin for a charity project or other environmental cleanup, please fill out the form below. We donate trash cans to groups across the country dedicated to building stronger, cleaner, healthier communities.

Due to limited availability, certain restrictions, restrictions and exclusions may apply.

Request a trash can donation

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