Renting a Car in Greece: The Ultimate Guide [2023] (2023)

The central theses

  • Renting a car in Greece gives you the opportunitycomplete freedomabout the places you will visit and how fast you will travel.
  • If you are not an EU citizen you will need oneInternational driving licenceRent a car in Greece.
  • you gotta get itcar insurancefor a rented vehicle for security and peace of mind.
  • AGPS-Appon your smartphone is the easiest way to get around Greece without hassle.

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If you are planning a trip to Greece, you need to think about how to get around this beautiful country. You can use the city's taxi and bus systems, but a more authentic visit means traveling privately in your own vehicle, such as a rental car.

Renting a car in Greece requires good planning and thought so that you can make the most of your trip while also being able to travel freely. Enjoy a scenic drive through the lush countryside of Assos villageKefalonia, jewelIonian Islands, or enjoy the breathtaking sea views of the coastSantorinicomfortably in your own car.

This guide contains tips for renting a car in Greece.Legal requirements for renting a car in Greece through a car rental companyand other information to help you have funGreek road trip.

When does it make sense to rent a car in Greece?

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Greece's unique landscape consists of many Greek islands and bustling cities. Depending on how you plan your visit, you can count on itpublic transportfor safe and efficient travel.

holiday inThessaloniki, in Northern Greece orAthensputs you in the center of a busy metropolis where buses and taxis make more sense than hiring a card due to the lack of parking which would spoil your Greece vacation.

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If your idea of ​​a great vacation includes a hike in naturesmall towns andvillages in Greecepopulated by locals or a long scenic journey to the other sideGreek mainlandIf you rent a car, you can do it at your leisure. In addition to escaping the crowdThe most famous Greek citiesYou will experience itauthentic Greek life.

If you decide to rent a car, open your eyes to morerelaxed version of GreeceExperience at your own pace.

Requirements for renting a car in Greece

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In order to legally rent a car in Greece, certain requirements must be met.Eligible drivers must be between the ages of 21 and 70and have a valid international driving license. Depending on your country of origin, you may only need to show your EU driver's license.

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Drivers from certain countries such as the US or UK may need to purchase oneInternational driving licenceor IDL. While current regulations don't require one as long as you have onea valid driving license from your countryCheck the status of IDL IDL in Greece before planning your car rental.

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Another requirement isBuying car insurancefor the rented vehicle. Greek car rental insurance should cover the following:

1. Theft and fire protection

2. Collision and super collision waiver

3. Liability and accident insurance

Please note that renting a car in Greece takes approxcredit or debit card. Most car rental companies temporarily freeze your balance, which can be up to €1,000. Read the fine print of eachRental AgreementSo you know what to expect.

Tips for drivers traveling in Greece

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If youtrip in GreeceFamiliarize yourself with local traffic laws and driving etiquette with these top tips:

  1. Keep Right:Greek citizens drive on the right-hand side of the road, confusing motorists from other parts of Europe. This confusion often results in drivers driving on the wrong side of the road. So be vigilant.
  2. Be aware of road hazards:Congested cities have congested roads and frustrated drivers move at a snail's pace, while mountain driving involves sharp turns. There are free-roaming animals in many mountain towns in Greece. So keep an eye out for pigs, goats and other animals that may have strayed from their farm.
  3. Use GPS:If you decide to rent a car in Greece, use the GPS app on your phone to find your way. The last thing you want is to get lost! Greeks measure speed and distance in kilometers, which poses a problem for US travelersSystem imperialny. With GPS, you can also set speed limits by kilometers, avoiding mental conversions while driving.
  4. Under no circumstances should you drive a rental car in Greece without liability insurance.

apart from thisGreek travel tips, follow normal driving etiquette, e.gFastening the seat beltsat all times and refrain from alcohol and driving.

Buying gas in Greece

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To rent a car in Greece, you also have to buy petrol. Greece offers motorists the benefits of full-service gas stations. While most drivers from the US, UK and other parts of Europe often fill up themselves, this is the case in GreeceA member of staff will pump petrol for you.

Another curiosity at the Greek gas station:Most petrol stations are closed on Sundaysand are open from7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.mThe rest of the week. As gas failures can occur, this is required by law in Greece24 hour stationsremain open in certain areas. Make your journey easier by filling up before Sunday so you can drive with peace of mind.

The cost of renting a car in Greece

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Many visitors begin their journey to rent a car online, but read all the agreements carefully before making an appointment for a pickup. Some online car rental companies hide fees or disguise prices with legal text, which can result in you paying more than you intended.

For that reason, and because most car rental companies have real shops, not to mention dozens of car rental companies across Greece, you shouldComplete the car rental in personWhen searching for car rental companies, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​how much you will pay for your rental car.

Car rental prices vary and are higher in the summer months. You can expect a paymentfrom 25 to 40 euros per dayfor renting a car in Greece.

You can keep prices low by opting for smaller vehicles and forgoing additional accessories such as navigation systems.

Check your rental car and take photos of any damageon the vehicle before driving, including:

  • The exterior of the car
  • rearview mirror
  • taillights
  • windshield and windows

This small action can save you money - even hundreds - if a shady rental company tries to charge you for dents or dings on the vehicle upon return. If the vehicle is damaged while you are under their control, your rental car insurance should pay for it.

frequently asked Questions

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Is it worth renting a car in Greece?

Renting a car in Greece can be a great way to explore the country's beautiful and ancient countrysidegreek ruins, especially if you want to travel off the beaten track or visit more remote areas. However, whether it's worth it depends on several factors like your budget, travel plans, and personal preferences.

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One of the advantages of hiring a car in Greece is that you have the flexibility to explore the area at your own pace, without having to rely on public transport schedules or the limitations of guided tours. This can be especially useful when planning a visitmany goalsor want to escape the main tourist trail.

However, renting a car can also be expensive, especially in the main tourist season. You must consider the cost of rent, insurance, gas, tolls, and parking fees, as well as possible fees for late returns, damage, or other issues.

Do I need an international driver's license to rent a car in Greece?

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Yes if you are Aa non-EU citizen, you need an international driving license to rent a car in Greece. An international driver's license is a translation of a driver's license from your country and is required by Greek law. It serves as proof that you can legally drive in your home country and the translation makes it easier for local authorities to understand your driving licence.

if you areEU citizens, you can use your home country's driving license to drive in GreeceYou do not need an international driver's license. However, it is always a good idea to check with the car rental company beforehand that you have all the necessary documentation.

Can US citizens rent a car in Greece?

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Yes, US citizens can rent a car in Greece as long as they meet the requirements set by the rental company. Most car rental companies in Greece require the driver to be at least 21 years old with a valid driver's license from their home country and a credit card in their name.

As mentioned before, if you have aUS citizen travels to GreeceTo rent a car in Greece you need an international driver's license.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Greece?

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The cost of renting a car in Greece varies depending on several factors such as the type of car, the rental period, the rental location and the time of year. In general, the cost of hiring a small, economy class car starts at around €15-20 per day, while a larger car or luxury vehicle can cost €50 or more per day.

At the peak of the tourist season, for many especially July and AugustBest time to visit GreeceDue to high demand, rents are usually higher. It's always a good idea to book your car in advance to get the best possible price.

Final Thoughts

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Greek tourist attractionsThey provide fun and entertainment, but do not bring you closer to the lifestyle of the simple Greeks.

Car Rental in Greecebrings you up close and personalbeaches, mountains and cities of this beautiful country, thanks to which visiting Greece will be pleasant and comfortable.

Use this guide to find the right rental car, then hit the road and enjoy your vacation even more.

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