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We pride ourselves on being able to offer you exceptional service

Outstanding in every way. Special thanks to the charger. It saved my life.

Robert M., 12.02.2021

Excellent! From check in to collection, especially waiting for my late midnight flight! ! ! ! Thank you.

Pawel K., 14. April 2021

The plane was 2 hours late and the ferry was waiting. excellent service.

Frank P., 1.11.2021

Great service and staff!

Marek S., 16. January 2021

Very attentive to any problems that may arise.

William S., 16.01.2021

Arturo was wonderfully called to let us know he was on his way to pick us up. If the car had been cleaned.

Miguel C., 02.08.2021

Thank you for clearing the snow off my car!

Andrea M., 02.10.2021

Very easy drop off and pick up. I will definitely use this parking facility on future trips.

Selena H., 11.02.2021

I can't say enough about how friendly the parking garage attendant is. Fast, friendly and very professional. What a nice surprise!

Michał C., 25. Februar 2021

When we arrived at Westchester Airport, a bus was waiting for us. The driver, a woman, which made me very happy, was very friendly. She informed us that our car had been shoveled out of the snow! It was 10:00 p.m. when it was still snowing! We parked right in front of the house and were able to drive off immediately! What a treat!

Deborah O, 02.10.2021

Our flight was significantly delayed and we received text messages from our Park2Fly stewards telling us they would be there to land our flight and collect the vehicle. They did their best to keep us informed without having to call and ask if they were still open. I would definitely recommend these locations to someone in need of parking.

Sarah R. K., 20.02.2021

I can't say enough about how friendly the parking garage attendant is. Fast, friendly and very professional. What a nice surprise!

Michał C., 25. Februar 2021

I will definitely park there again.

Mary W, 03.05.2021

A very good experience.

Darcy H., 03.08.2021

Fast and polite.

Gedalja J., 08.03.2021

I parked here for the first time and it was a great experience. I will definitely park here again!

Cold G, 09/03/2021

This was our first time at Park and Fly and it was easy! ! I will definitely use their services again and highly recommend them!!! All the staff was great and the shuttle was very clean!

Tracey R., 10.03.2021

Incredibly fast, polite and inexpensive.

Karol S., 14.03.2021

Great web and personal service.

Karol H., 11.03.2021

My return flight was canceled due to a snowstorm. PP2Fly called me and asked if I would be back on the agreed date. Since I couldn't catch my flight for three days, they adjusted the fees in advance so I didn't have to wait when I came back. Then they called again the day I returned to make sure I was still on that day. They also shoveled the snow off my car so I could get out. Outstanding customer service!!!

Jakobus V., 02/08/2021

At pickup we made sure our car was in front. Great service and very attentive.

Pawel S., 28. Februar 2021

The staff was great. The attendant, Kevin, was very friendly and helpful. The price was fantastic. I self-parked for 8 days and am completely satisfied with this valet service. I would recommend and park there again.

David M., 28.02.2021

Overall I was very satisfied. The only complaint I had was the long wait for the shuttle but it was explained that due to COVID only one was running. Let's hope everything goes back to normal in the future!

Leslie D., 03.06.2021

Easy, friendly, polite. Good return transfer times. I definitely recommend it.

Robert K., 03.12.2021

This is the first time I have left my car in the car park and most say I am very happy with the service and care. Shuttle service was readily available, valet attendants were courteous, and service was prompt. I will use this valet service again.

Karolina F., 12.03.2021

Great price, great service! Very short waiting time for transfer, efficient and helpful.

Lisa H., 13.03.2021

Good service, very close to the airport.

Karol O, 03.11.2021

I loved the service and the price couldn't be beat, will definitely be back.

Sonia A, 03.11.2021

Great service, nice staff.

Michał K., 11. March 2021

I just need signs pointing to the location as the GPS keeps leading us in the wrong direction. Otherwise one of the best off site properties I have ever used.

Abdullah J., 7.03.2021

Great experience.

Eliahu M., 10/03/2021

So close and easy. And it's great to be dropped off by a bus right in front of the terminal.

Tomasz F., 03/06/2021

Overall a good experience.

Hani E., 03.07.2021

Great value, great staff! !

Jay P., 03.07.2021

Jim was incredibly good to us, especially when the baby first flew (and used public transport) for the first time. He was on time, very kind and very helpful...not to mention shoveling the snow away from our call and helping us every step of the way. We can't thank you enough Jim... Thanks to you our experience was first class!

Krista G., 21/02/2021

Parking is a bit difficult to find. Once you enter the shopping campus, you must turn off the GPS. I found the location of the bus stop and looked at the parking spots on this map. That's how I found Park2Fly parking lots, otherwise it was a great experience!

Jacqualyn P., 01.09.2021

Great experience. I would highly recommend!

Lynn K., 1.10.2021

Very polite and helpful, good service

Ralph S., 01.06.2021

From buying the parking space online, arriving and parking to receiving the airport transfer, everything went smoothly. As we stopped, the Lord changed our name. It gave us a "good feeling". When we got home, I received a text message saying the shuttle was ready and would arrive as soon as I got off the plane. Very easy. Super comfortable and most importantly professional and nice. Good job. Thank you very much!

Michelle, 18.01.2021

Perfect! What a nice contrast to the aviation industry (JetBlue in today's case). They were there when I arrived and also when I wanted to be picked up. The car was operational and ready when I got back. It couldn't be better. Thank you very much!

Elena, 27.02.2020

Excellent service. Tom was great on my last trip and has just booked another one. I've been telling a few people about this hidden gem of an idea. Thanks.

Andrew, February 26, 2020

I have used this service twice in the past few months and both times it has exceeded my expectations. Friendly, punctual and very comfortable. Great customer service! !

Rick, February 19, 2020

I've been using PP2Fly for years! I have always found the service to be very convenient. The only downside was that there were occasional people trying to serve everyone in and out and the shuttle service required a bit of a car. BINGO... both are now available. The online appointment process made both check-in and pickup easy. Comfortable, spacious vans and great drivers only add to the great experience. The ability to text link a request for a van arrival and have the car ready is a great addition to the service, making it even more convenient to arrive, have the car fully checked and warmed up when coming back in the cold. Great work everyone!!

Kevin, 16.02.2020

This was the first time I have used a Park 2 Fly purchase. I usually fly from Hartford but had to use Westchester. Parking at the airport itself seemed far too expensive to me. I arrived at the shopping lot which was easy to find. There are many signs but they are not well lit as it arrives in the dark. I checked in at 5:45pm and was in the terminal at 6:15pm. Check-in was easy and the airport shuttle was there waiting for me to board. Luckily it snowed while I was away, so I can't comment on snow removal. However, when I got back to Westchester earlier than expected, I applied for a car using a link I received via text message. The shuttle arrived within 10 minutes and when I got back to the parking lot my car was already warmed up and ready to drive. I would definitely recommend this service, everything went smoothly, the price was reasonable and I would use them again!

Gina, 29.01.2020

The best long term parking option at Westchester Airport. Reservations can be made online. Drop off and pick up is usually very quick and easy. It takes about 10 minutes from the parking lot to the airport. I've used this several times over the years. I usually arrive 70-90 minutes before my flight and have never had a problem. The transfer is ready for collection. I usually call the pickup when I return a bag from baggage claim and they arrive a few minutes later. Great use and nice service.

David L.

The service is excellent, the shuttle is very clean, Jimmy is polite, friendly and accommodating.

Roque St


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