Starlux status match for Qantas, Virgin Australia (2023)

Here you have the possibility to get a status comparison for Qantas iUntouched AustraliaThis can be very handy if your travel plans include Taiwan.

Starlux Airlines – an ambitious start-up challenging both China Airlines and EVA Airways – is offeringtwo years free statusin its Cosmile loyalty program.

That's right: instead of the usual 12 months of status, you'll get a full two years from the date your status match was approved, meaning you'll be a Starlux Cosmile Elite through the end of 2023.

This should really get you out of the pandemic and back on the air, and Taiwan is seen by many as a very attractive destination for travelers looking for something different from their usual Asian destinations.

With the appropriate Starlux status, you're in good hands for two years.

Starlux status matching is not limited to Qantas iUntouched Australia, of course: it is actually openatAirline: may be a member of Star Alliance, SkyTeam or Oneworld groups, or independent and unaffiliated.

If that airline has a frequent flyer program and you have status in that program, you are eligible for a Starlux Cosmile status match.

However, due to our primarily Australian readership, we will be using Qantas iUntouched Australiaas our best examples.

But don't whine because the offer ends next Sunday 31st October 2021.

In this article:

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  • How to get a Starlux Cosmile status match

Starlux 101 airlines

If you haven't been following our Starlux reviews, here's what you need to know.

Starlux Airlines was founded in 2018 by longtime Taiwanese aviation executive and former CEO of EVA Air, Chang Kuo-wei, the scion of one of the island's wealthiest families (the jewel in his crown is the shipping and transport conglomerate Evergreen Group) with an estimated net worth of 1, 45 billion pounds.

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After years of planning, Starlux launched in January 2020 - and then plunged straight into the Covid-19 pandemic, from which it is now recovering, with intentions to rebuild its nascent network.

Headquartered in Taipei, Starlux describes itself as a “luxury boutique airline”.

"We believe that flying should be part of the journey that people enjoy, and not just an inevitable process leading to a destination," explains KW Nieh, Director of StarluxExecutive Travelerthat attention to detail and design is part of the Starlux approach.

Airbus A321neo Business Class von Starlux.

For example, legendary jazz artist Peter White composed six exclusive pieces of smooth jazz music for the airline in-flight, "taking into account the enclosed flight environment and engine noise (to) carefully select the right instruments to create uplifting and uplifting music that also conveys a feeling." .” Sense of travel, escape and adventure.

Starlux check-in counters, airport lounges and aircraft cabins are enveloped in the airline's specially formulated Home in the Air fragrance, notes of which are also present in the handwash and lotion.

Starlux relies on the Airbus A321neo for flights in Asia.

Currently, Starlux flies to many important destinations in Asia with the Airbus A321neo - Singapore is the latest point to be added to the network's map.

These narrow-body jets feature eight reclining business class seats where passengers can enjoy a menu prepared by Longtail, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Taiwan; Behind the curtain there are 180 economy seats.

Airbus A321neo Business Class von Starlux.

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Starlux will take delivery of the first of eight Airbus A330neo narrowbody aircraft on all premium routes in South East Asia and possibly Australia in February 2022.

In late 2022, it will add up to 18 Airbus A350s - an order split between A350-900 and A350-1000 - to be launched in the North American market.

Starlux will also add Airbus A350-900 and A350-1000 aircraft to its fleet.

In addition to the flat business class beds, every Starlux A350 has a compact first class cabin (although this one might be more).Business Plus project.This allows you to make the most of the extra legroom and privacy in the front row of the cab.

Starlux Cosmile layers

Starlux's loyalty program is called Cosmile and consists of four tiers: Traveler, Adventurer, Explorer and Insightful.

Four levels of Starlux's Cosmile loyalty program.

Cosmile Traveler is the easiest level that all Cosmile members start with; Adventurer, Explorer and Insighter are considered "Elite" tiers and offer practical benefits when flying Starlux, such as: B. Lounge access, extra baggage allowance and priority services.

space adventurerReceive 10kg of extra checked baggage and benefit from priority check-in and baggage handling.

Kosmile ExplorerThis doubles your baggage allowance to 20kg, gives you access to the Starlux VIP lounges and gives you the best seat in the Starlux loyalty programme.

Kosmile insightextends baggage privileges and lounge access to up to two guests while waiving “service fees” for flight award change and cancellation.

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Starlux Cosmile Statusabgleich

Starlux Status Matching gives you free Adventurer, Explorer or Insighter status for two years if your status matches that of another airline.

So that you know what Cosmile status you can expect, here is what these levels look likegenerallyrelay a message:

Adventurers from Starlux Cosmileis the equivalent of Qantas Frequent Flyer Silver,Untouched AustraliaVelocity Frequent Flyer Silver, Star Alliance Silver, SkyTeam Elite und Oneworld Ruby.

Starlux Cosmile Exploreris the equivalent of Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold,Untouched AustraliaVelocity Frequent Flyer Gold, Star Alliance Gold, SkyTeam Elite Plus und Oneworld Sapphire.

Starlux Cosmile Insighteris the equivalent of Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum or Platinum One,Untouched AustraliaVelocity Frequent Flyer Platinum und Oneworld Emerald. (NiektóreExecutive TravelerVelocity Platinum status readers will report a Starlux status match using CosmileExplorer, not Cosmile Insighter, so your mileage may vary.)

Do you dream of a trip to Taiwan? Get Starlux status to become a member.

Note that the Star Alliance and Skyteam tiers are more of a general rule of thumb as they don't take into account the tiered structure and higher tiers of many airlines' loyalty programs.

For example, while Airpoints Elite Air New Zealand and PPS Club Singapore Airlines tiers are officially classified as Star Alliance Gold, they are more likely to achieve Starlux status with Cosmile Insighter than with Cosmile Explorer.

While you don't have to fly Starlux to qualify for a status match, you must of course fly multiple flights within the two years of your complimentary status to keep the shiny Cosmile card in your travel wallet.

How to get a Starlux Cosmile status match

There are four steps to get your Starlux Status Match: Remember that the Status Match offer ends on October 31st. So don't wait until the last minute.

1. Join the Starlux Cosmile

First, sign up for Starlux Comsile’s free loyalty program –Click this linkEnter a few details and you'll be a new member at Cosmile in minutes.

Start your Starlux status match by joining the Cosmile airline program.

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You start at the lowest level, the Space Traveler level, but you won't stay there for long!

2. Apply for a Starlux Cosmile status match

If you have your Cosmile membership number to hand,Click hereto apply for a Starlux Cosmile status match.

Download the “Other Airline Membership Card Tier Adjustment Application Form” from this page. This is a PDF that you can fill out digitally or print out with a pen and then scan back into a digital format (PDF or image).

3. View your recent travel history

You must also provide evidence that you have flown on the airline whose status you wish to align with Starlux Cosmile in the last 12 months.

This can be a challenge if you have international airline status but have been grounded due to travel restrictions since 2020. In this case, we recommend that you show your copyvor CovidFly and add a note to it in the Starlux status matching app.

To get your trip record, check your airline's loyalty program member account and take a screenshot of the activity page or scan any printed activity records that you received in the mail.

4. Attach a copy of your loyalty card

Finally, you must send Starlux a copy of the loyalty card on which your Cosmile status is based: this is the key to unlocking Cosmile Adventurer, Explorer or Insighter status.

You can take a picture of the card with your smartphone or put it in a scanner to save it as an image or a PDF file.

Note that Starlux requires both frontsIOn the back of your membership card you will find your name, your loyalty program number and the expiry date of your current status.

Top tier status with any other airline allows you to earn Starlux Cosmile Insighter privileges.

Warning:The Qantas frequent flyer card has all the necessary status information printed on the cardfrontcards ThereturnThe card works like a Qantas Travel Money Mastercard prepaid card, containing not only the Mastercard number and expiration date, but also a three-digit CVC (Card Verification Code). This means that everyone can shop online with your Spree card!

So if you're looking for a Starlux Cosmile status match based on your frequent flyer status with Qantas, just sign upfrontCard in your app - or if you want to be careful and attach the back of the card using image editing software to remove all Mastercard details.

Finally, pack all of the above documents – your application form, flight history and a copy of your current loyalty card – and email them to the Starlux Customer Service Center ([email protected]) and allow up to 30 days for your application to be reviewed and approved.

Also read:Starlux will "definitely" join the alliance

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Does Qantas match Virgin status? ›

Just send off your application for a status match, and once approved, you'll enjoy some excellent perks when flying with Virgin Australia and its partner airlines. Velocity is matching status like-for-like. So, Qantas Silver gets Velocity Silver, and Qantas Gold gets 'Discover Gold' (more on that below).

How many status credits do I need for Qantas Gold? ›

700 Status Credits

Is Qantas part of Star Alliance? ›

Formed in February 1999 and celebrating more than 20 years together, fly brighter with the oneworld alliance. Qantas is a proud founding member of oneworld®, the world's leading quality airline alliance.

What is the Qantas offer on Virgin? ›

The new scheme allows Qantas gold members to receive a three-month trial membership of Virgin's equivalent membership tier. The offer can then be extended into a 12-month membership by booking one eligible flight and earning 80 Status Credits.

Does Qantas price match Virgin? ›

Like Qantas and Jetstar, Virgin Australia offers a price match, known as their 'fare promise' to encourage travellers to book directly with them. This could work in your favour if an online travel agent has a slightly cheaper fare but you would still rather book with Virgin Australia for various reasons.

How do airlines verify status match? ›

With a status match, an airline will give you an equivalent or lower status tier based on the status you've already earned with a competing carrier's program. The matching airline will ask for proof of your status, usually via a photo of your membership card and a mileage statement showing your recent activity.

Can I buy Qantas Gold status? ›

Yes, in addition to forking out 16,000 Qantas points for the joining fee, you can also purchase a one, two or four-year membership at 93,000, 170,000 or 308,000 Qantas points respectively.

Can I buy Qantas status credits? ›

No, you cannot. Whilst you can buy frequent flyer points with Qantas and Velocity, Status Credits cannot be bought.

How much is 100000 Qantas points worth? ›

With a stash of 100,000 Qantas Points, you can expect to achieve the following number of upgrades: Upgrades from flexible economy cost 10,900 Qantas Points (nine upgrades) Upgrades from discount economy cost 27,200 Qantas Points (three upgrades)

What is the easiest way to qualify for Star Alliance Gold? ›

When booking a flight with a Star Alliance airline, you can credit your flight to any other member. You can achieve higher elite status faster by crediting your flights to one airline. Depending on how much you fly, this strategy could earn you airline elite status and Star Alliance Gold benefits.

Is Star Alliance Gold worth it? ›

Star Alliance Gold offers perks like lounge access, extra baggage allowance, priority check-in, boarding, baggage handling, and more. Star Alliance Gold status can be incredibly valuable, especially when flying a partner airline on which you wouldn't otherwise have status.

Will Virgin Australia join Star Alliance? ›

While Virgin Australia is not part of Star Alliance, it is now a partner of United, which is in the alliance. Current Star Alliance members as of June 2022.

Can I go to Qantas lounge when flying Virgin? ›

Both Platinum and Gold Velocity members can also access its domestic lounges after arriving on a Virgin Australia flight or with one of its international airline partners such as Delta, Etihad and Singapore Airlines.

Is Virgin or Qantas better? ›

Both airlines have a strong presence in the Australian market and compete fiercely with each other on price and routes. Qantas is often seen as the more premium option, while Virgin Australia is seen as more budget-friendly.

Is Virgin or Qantas frequent flyer better? ›

Qantas requires around 8% fewer points for long-haul international Economy flights, but more points than Virgin for Premium Economy and Business Class redemptions. Virgin Australia's surcharges are generally lower compared to Qantas.

Why is Qantas expensive? ›

Qantas announces $100 airport lounge investment

Joyce blamed fuel costs, which he said are 65 per cent higher than they were before COVID-19, for flight prices being what he said are 20 per cent higher than in 2022. "We're finding capacity in Russia and other places is out, that's made it very expensive."

Can you convert Virgin to Qantas points? ›

You generally cannot transfer points from one airline to another airline. But you can use points to book flights on other airlines that partner with that airline's frequent flyer program.

How can I get Qantas gold status fast? ›

Once I achieve the 100 eligible Status Credit goal within the 90 day period, do I need to make contact with Qantas to have my status upgraded to Gold? No, your status will be upgraded by Qantas to Gold within two business days of achieving the Status Credit earn requirements.

How much does status match cost? ›

Of course, there's a catch. The airline's "Free Spirit" status match is a paid program, and it'll set you back either $49 or $99 depending on the new tier of status you hope to get. With this in mind, you may be wondering if this program is worth the trouble or the cost.

How long does it take for a status match? ›

Expect a reply to your status match request no less than 2 weeks from the date of submission, though it could take as long as 4 weeks to receive a response.

Who matches Hilton status? ›

If you currently hold hotel elite status with Marriott Bonvoy, IHG Rewards Club, World of Hyatt, Best Western Rewards or Choice Privileges, you are eligible to apply for a status match.

How can I get Qantas status without flying? ›

Current ways to earn Qantas Status Credits without flying
  1. Achieve Qantas Green tier (earn 50 Qantas Status Credits) ...
  2. Leverage loyalty bonuses (earn 50 Qantas Status Credits up to 4x) ...
  3. Points Club Plus roll over (up to 100 Qantas Status Credits) ...
  4. Earn Qantas Status Credits on Classic Reward Flights (earn rate varies)
Mar 27, 2023

Does Qantas have lifetime Platinum? ›

Lifetime Platinum status

Platinum membership benefits for life include: Access to Qantas International First and Domestic Business Lounges. Priority international upgrades# Priority baggage on Qantas, regardless of your class of travel.

Can you pay to upgrade Qantas status? ›

You can't purchase a confirmed upgrade, but you can purchase a ticket for a premium cabin if available. See the terms and conditions of your ticket.

Do Qantas status expire? ›

Status Credits don't expire but they reset to zero at the start of your new Membership Year. These Status Credits are added to your Lifetime Status Credit total and once you have enough Status Credits, Lifetime Silver, Gold or Platinum recognition will be yours, regardless of how often you continue to fly.

Do Qantas status credits reset every year? ›

Your annual Status Credit total will reset to zero at the end of your current Membership Year.

How to get 60000 Qantas points? ›

To be eligible to receive the 60,000 bonus Qantas Points, Qantas Frequent Flyers must sign up for a $99 200GB Plan via the dedicated Optus promotion page located here. The offer is available for five days only, until 5 September 2022.

How much is 300000 Qantas points worth in dollars? ›

We value that haul at roughly $5,400.00, which is quite significant! That's enough to fly one person return (or two people one-way) in Qantas Business Class between Australia and London. Or if domestic travel is more your thing, you could get up to 37 one-way Economy reward seats on shorter domestic routes.

How much is 150k Qantas points worth? ›

150,000 Qantas Points can go a long way if you're looking at flights to Asia. Just 68,400 points are enough to enjoy Qantas Business Class from Sydney to Asia, including Manila, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. You can sneak in a return trip for 136,800 points, all-up. On partner airlines, it's a bit pricier.

How far does 120000 Qantas points get you? ›

If you wanted to maximise your points and enjoy as many comfortable journeys as possible – rather than just one or two long-range flights – 120,000 Qantas Points can give you as many as 22 one-way upgrades from economy to business class on short domestic flights.

Which airline is easiest to get elite status? ›

American Airlines comes out on top if you're looking for the easiest way to spend toward airline elite status. You can spend just $40,000 on an American Airlines card and get AAdvantage Gold elite status without stepping foot on a plane.

Do Star Alliance Gold members get lounge access? ›

Star Alliance Lounges

As a Star Alliance Gold customer you are welcome to visit any lounge with a Star Alliance Gold logo at the entrance before your flight operated by a Star Alliance member airline.

How many stars do you need for Gold status? ›

After registering, you need to accumulate 300 Stars in 12 months to reach Gold level. Once you are Gold, you must re-qualify each subsequent 12 months by earning at least 300 Stars and your Star count will be reset to zero on your anniversary date (12 months from the date you reach the Gold level).

Is Premier Gold the same as Star Alliance Gold? ›

United Premier Gold members will be recognized as Star Alliance Gold travelers when flying on any Star Alliance carrier. This provides many benefits above Star Alliance Silver status, including priority check-in, extra baggage allowances, priority security/immigration (where available) and priority boarding.

How do I prove my Star Alliance gold status? ›

Star Alliance Gold customers may be asked to show a valid Star Alliance Gold card (e.g. digital or physical FFP card) and proof of a connecting itinerary to access eligible privileges.

Do you get less gold in an alliance? ›

This means that if you are in an alliance, you will receive 100% of the value of the treasure you turn in and the crews in the alliance will receive 50% of the value. For instance, if you sell a treasure chest to the Gold Hoarders for 1,000 gold, you will receive the full 1,000 whether you are in an alliance or not.

How many stars is Virgin Australia? ›

Virgin Australia was rated five stars for overall satisfaction, flight schedule/availability, service, value for money, flight punctuality, and frequent flyer program. It was awarded four stars for in-flight offerings.

Does Virgin Australia honor Delta status? ›

The status tiers of Qantas Frequent Flyer and Virgin Australia's Velocity Frequent Flyer align with those of Delta Air Lines and SkyTeam as follows: Qantas Silver and Velocity Silver = Delta SkyMiles Silver Medallion = SkyTeam Elite. Qantas Gold and Velocity Gold = Delta SkyMiles Gold Medallion = SkyTeam Elite Plus.

How many stars does Virgin Australia have? ›

Virgin Australia holds a seven-star rating with, which delivers expert safety ratings for airlines around the world.

Can I use Qantas lounge without flying Qantas? ›

As a Qantas Club member you need to book a Qantas (QF) flight number to access Qantas and partner lounges when travelling in Economy on our partner airlines including Emirates.

Can you pay to enter Qantas lounge? ›

Information. How does the process work to purchase lounge access? An opportunity to purchase an access pass to a Qantas lounge is available by invitation only for selected Qantas domestic and international flights with a 'QF' flight number operated by Qantas.

Can I sit in the Qantas lounge? ›

If you are travelling in Business or First and/or a Platinum or Gold Frequent Flyer, you may have access to a Qantas lounge .

Why is Qantas not a 5 star airline? ›

Qantas Airways. Qantas is Certified as a 4-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

What is the most secret airline? ›

Due to its secrecy, Janet airlines boards at a standalone terminal on the west side of Harry Reid International Airport. Janet flights operate with a three-digit flight number and a WWW-prefix.

Is Qantas better than Emirates? ›

First and Business are better on Emirates but Qantas has Premium Economy which is actually not bad value if you see it on special. It's like Business Class used to be before the flat beds came in. Emirates (nor Singapore Air) has Premium Economy. Qantas now only flies from the UK to Australia via Dubai.

Is Qantas the best airline in the world? ›

It's not the first time that Qantas has won: The 100-year-old Australian carrier was named the world's safest airline from 2014 to 2017. In 2018, it was in the top 20 when AirlineRatings awarded 20 airlines jointly. Then it won again for three years in a row: 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Is Qantas the best airline in Australia? ›

Qantas Airways. Once again our homegrown airline Qantas has been crowned the best airline in the Australia/Pacific region.

Who matches Qantas status? ›

The 2023 challenge is your shortcut to as many as 18 months of top-tier frequent flyer perks.

Can you get into Qantas Club flying Virgin? ›

Qantas Club members who earn 350,000 points in a membership year may be eligible for Points Club Plus benefits, which include a Qantas Club individual membership. If you're a Velocity Platinum or Gold member, you'll get complimentary lounge access every time you're travelling on a Virgin Australia flight.

Which airlines are in partnership with Qantas? ›

Explore our partnerships for detailed information on our network and benefits.
  • Air France.
  • Air New Zealand.
  • Air Tahiti Nui.
  • Air Vanuatu.
  • Aircalin.
  • Airnorth.
  • Alaska.
  • American Airlines.

Is Virgin Australia still part of Star Alliance? ›

Star Alliance member airlines

Qantas belongs to the oneworld alliance. Virgin Australia doesn't belong to an airline alliance but is partnered with carriers including Delta Air, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways.


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