The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (2023)

Most homes have more wires than they can handle. Instead of stringing together surge protectors and finding outlets, you can buy a single USB charging station. With options like a public charging station for multiple devices and a portable charger, consisting primarily of a series of USB ports on a long charging cable, these USB charge and sync hubs make it easy to simplify your charging situation.


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We've reviewed the best USB charging stations for 2021, whether you need a few extra ports or a lot. You will be able to find a charging station that reduces your plug problems and meets the power needs of your device at home or in the office.

This article is mainly about options with USB ports, so you should check them wireless chargersif you are looking for ways to charge your phone wirelessly. If you are looking for speed and nothing else, check this outThe best fast chargersor theThe best portable chargersWhen you need to keep your smartphone on the go while you're on the go.

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The best USB charging stations

Torre Wyness de Power Station

The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (1)
  • Ports:Sechs USB-A
  • Salida:30 watts

Vertically arranged hubs are a boon when physical space is at a premium, and the Wyness Tower Power Station offers six USB ports, two of which allow for fast charging. A smaller tower, it's perfect for sitting at a desk or blending into a common area like a living room. The design isn't particularly unique and doesn't offer the fastest charging speed available, but the black model will easily blend into a variety of settings, and there's a blue and white, purple and white, and all-white version if you want. You are looking for a slightly different style.

SuperDanny power strip

The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (2)
  • Ports:Four USB-A, two power outlets
  • cable length:5ft/10ft

Perfect for tucking away in a smaller space, the SuperDanny Power Strip gives you a little boost in charging capacity for a variety of devices. The four USB ports can power smartphones and tablets, while the two AC outlets on top can charge laptops, power lamps, or anything that requires an AC outlet. The plugs are spaced far apart, allowing you to plug in two bulky plugs at the same time, and the USB hub itself has a number of safety features like surge protection to ensure you're well protected from interference. A great choice for a craft room, common area, or nightstand.

Bull USB-Ladestation

The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (3)
  • Ports:Vier UAB-A
  • cable length:6 pies

Bull's small and simple USB hub can charge up to four devices and takes up about the same space as a credit card. That's an impressive feat and means it's a great choice for a nightstand or anywhere space is limited. Admittedly, it won't be the fastest charger, and the white body is likely to get dirty over time (as white plastic often does). But at this price, it's a pretty good bargain.

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Hercules Tuff charging station

The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (4)
  • Ports:Sechs USB-A

The clever design of the Hercules Tuff charging station is one of its strongest assets: plastic dividers divide the charging station and easily accommodate phones of different sizes (including their cases) and glow blue when charging so you know when one is already active. It is well suited to a family charging center or similar situation where everyone can benefit from quick use. This model has six connectors and comes with four Lightning cables for Apple devices, a micro-USB charging cable, and a USB-C charging cable, but we recommend stocking up on a small pack of smaller cables to fit your device. If you're not using multiple iPhones or iPads.

Microsoft Surface-Dock 2

The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (5)
  • Ports:Two USB-A, four USB-C, one Gigabit Ethernet, one headphone jack
  • Salida:199W

While the Microsoft Dock was designed for Surface laptops, it's a perfect fit for any office, classroom, or similar space where professional connections are important. There are two front-facing USB-C ports for easy connection and charging, with two rear-facing USB-C ports to more easily manage UHD video connections to external monitors. There are also two USB-A ports on the back and a gigabit ether port to support streaming. Hesurface pier 2The station is also compatible with Kensington brand security locks to protect them when they need to stay in certain rooms.

Anker 4 Power Port

The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (6)
  • Ports:More USB-A
  • Salida:40W
  • Cable:None (plug directly into the socket)

This charging station provides enough power to power active devices in an entire home. You have four USB ports andAnkerPowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies ensure that your device charges as quickly as possible without exceeding the supported rate. The maximum output power for a single USB port is 2.4A, with a maximum total output power of 8A and a combined output power of 40W. Plugs directly into the wall, with pop-out pins that stow away perfectly for on-the-go use. HeAnker Harborit is an efficient, durable and portable option. Anker prioritized ease of use with this charger, letting users know it's ready to charge with a blue light that illuminates when plugged into an outlet. Fast charging performance is pretty strong with this connector, offering 2.4A on each plug. Unfortunately, there's no Qualcomm fast charging port, so you don't get QC fast charging.

Powkey power bank with AC outlets

The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (7)
  • Ports:Four USB-A, two AC
  • Salida:200W
  • Power Bank Capacity:42.000 mAh

Powkey's power bank isn't pretty, but it's powerful, offering not just four USB ports, but two AC ports for charging larger devices. An informative LED light system shows how much power is left in the charger, making it a great choice for fishing trips and camping trips. It charges a variety of devices, including Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and just about anything, making it perfect if you want to make sure you don't run out of power. Also note the two charging input options available: a traditional wall outlet connection and an alternative for solar power. The massive power output requires some serious preparation, so it takes three to four hours to fully charge this bank.

frequent questions

What are the advantages of a USB charging station?

But why should you buy a USB charging station? After all, you probably have a ton of USB adapters lying around. Well, it's for the same reason you might have a power strip: to make it easier to use and expand your options. If you have three devices that need to be charged, a single outlet and a USB adapter won't work. Instead, connect a USB charging station to this outlet and charge all your devices at once.

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What type of USB charging station best suits your needs?

Your choice of USB charging stations will largely depend on the devices you need to charge. Do you have a lot of smartphones and tablets that often need to be charged in one area? Then get a charging station with as many USB ports as possible. Do you also have a laptop? Also look for a charging station with at least one AC outlet. There are a wide variety of charging stations, and some even double as power banks so you can take them outside too.

The Best USB Charging Stations and Hubs for 2022 | digital trends (8)

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