Virgin Australia Velocity Switch-A-Roo: Gold and Platinum Status Match and Challenge (2023)

Virgin Australia speedjust opened a new oneStatus Matching Campaignfor a number of competing airlines and their elite members, who can achieve Gold and Platinum Velocity levels as a result26. September 2022.

Virgin Australia Velocity Switch-A-Roo: Gold and Platinum Status Match and Challenge (1)

Status Match is now open to almost all frequent flyer programs, with the exception of airlines that are Velocity partners, all other members can apply for a Velocity Gold Match.

Velocity offers a Gold match and then retain or upgrade to Platinum within three months. To qualify, you must currently have the equivalent Velocity Gold status or higher with an airline that is not currently a Velocity partner.

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You canEnter the Velocity landing page herefor more details.

For a limited time, Virgin Australia is inviting frequent flyers with Velocity Gold status or higher to any frequent flyer program (excluding programs operated by our partner airlines) to take full advantage of Velocity with a 3-month Switch-A trial - Roo Discover Gold. *

The offer is only available for a limited time13.–26. September 2022and subject to availability, so hurry!*

Members must complete the following steps to earn a level match:

  • Make sure you're already a Velocity Frequent Flyer member. If not, you can joinHere(It's free...unlike "you-know-who").
  • Emailswitcharoo@velocityfrequentflyer.comwith your full name, Velocity membership number, and a photo of your other airline's frequent flyer membership card showing its Velocity Gold status or higher. Please ensure that you use the email address registered to your Velocity membership when emailing us a status matching request.
  • Our team will review your details and, if you're eligible, upgrade to a 3-month trial of Velocity Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold.
  • This offer is only valid for frequent flyer members who are not Velocity Frequent Flyer partners.

Velocity has had many match campaigns and challenges, but this one is specialThey also offer platinum status:

Virgin Australia Velocity Switch-A-Roo: Gold and Platinum Status Match and Challenge (2)

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After the gold match, customers must fly and collect the following:

  • 80 status credits to keep your gold
  • 200 status credits for platinum status

Unfortunately allVelocity-Airline-PartnerExcluded from this match opportunity are:

Virgin Australia Velocity Switch-A-Roo: Gold and Platinum Status Match and Challenge (3)

This time, the expiration date of this campaign is listed as26. September 2022. However, Velocity may withdraw or close registrations at any time. Just because it says September 26 doesn't mean it will be by then, as the "subject to availability" phrase suggests.


Members of almost every program other than Velocity Partners can now apply for a Gold and Platinum status match/challenge. I wonder what the retention rate of the matching gold members will be after the three-month trial period.

As I mentioned when I last wrote about this, Virgin Australia has run status matching campaigns in the past. I remember a big promotion ten years ago at Westfield Mall Sydney where international attendees were offered instant platinum entitlement and even had the card printed on the spot.

To Campania Discover goldstatute:

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Frequent flyer members from airlines that aren'tamplifierVelocity Frequent Flyers (Velocity) who are currently Velocity Gold or higher (and were not Velocity Silver, Gold or Platinum as of April 2020) are eligible for the Velocity Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold Status Match (details below) . and the ability to hold the gold level. If you currently have Velocity Platinum or higher, after your 3-month Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trial, you also have the option to quickly upgrade to Platinum with Velocity for 12 months by meeting the eligibility criteria listed below. You must have a valid Velocity membership to participate in this promotion.

To receive the Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trial, eligible Velocity members must apply via email toswitcharoo@velocityfrequentflyer.comSeptember 13-26, 2022, including their name, Velocity membership number, and a photo of their frequent flyer membership card showing they are Velocity Gold equivalent or higher with (app). Velocity members must submit this application using the email address currently associated with their Velocity member account. Please note that the Switch-A-Roo email address may only be used for status reconciliation requests and not for general inquiries or escalations that are routed through regular channels. A limited number of Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trials are available. Virgin Australia and Velocity reserve the right to end this promotion at their sole discretion based on the number of status match requests received. Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trial upgrade may take up to 4 weeks.

Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold is a 3-month Gold Trial that gives you certain Gold member benefits such as: B. Priority check-in, priority boarding, priority baggage and additional baggage allowance (not available when traveling on the Lite fare). ), access to VA domestic lounges and the ability to pre-book a flight (when traveling on Business or Flex fares).

Please note that you will continue to earn status credits, points and eligible sectors in the same way as other members. Perks you won't get include luggage tags for Gold members, a physical membership card, complimentary partner memberships, guaranteed Economy Class seats as a reward, and a membership hiatus during parental leave.

At the end of your 3-month Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trial, we'll review your eligibility to keep Gold or upgrade to Platinum.

  • If you're a Gold member with an eligible frequent flyer program and earn during your three-month Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold period, you'll earn80 Status-Creditsand even fly1 eligible sector, keep your Gold status with VFF for the next 12 months.
  • If you're a Platinum (or higher) member with an eligible frequent flyer program and during your 3-month Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold trial, you'll earn200 Status-CreditsReceive 12 months of Platinum status on Virgin Australia-operated flights with a VA flight number. Processing and requesting an upgrade to Platinum status may take up to 8 weeks after the trial period.  

If you are not eligible for Gold or Platinum status at the end of your three-month trial period because you have not met the above requirements, your status level will be assessed against the standardVelocity Membership Termsand receive Velocity Silver status for 12 months.

Members who participate in the Switch-A-Roo Discover Gold Trial offered under these Offer Terms may still maintain their status or upgrade to the next tier under these Offer TermsVelocity Membership Terms.

find out moreabout how to maintain or increase your status. This offer is not transferrable. All Status Credits and Eligible Sectors earned on a Velocity Member's account will expire 12 months after earning.

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1SomeEligible Sectormeans any trans-Tasman, short-haul international or domestic flight operated by Virgin Australia with a VA flight number, excluding both award seats and Economy Lite fares.

2 status creditsis not available in all fare classes. Tier Points can only be earned on eligible flights marketed and operated by Virgin Australia and/or Velocity partner airlines. Tier Points cannot be earned on Virgin Australia operated flights sold with an Air Mauritius (MK) flight number. The status credit calculation is based on individual flight segments, which consist of individual flight numbers. A route that involves a change of aircraft but keeps the same flight number is considered a single flight segment. An itinerary that involves a change of flight numbers will be considered as two flight segments even if the same aircraft is used for the entire route. Domestic flights booked as part of international travel accrue Status Credits equal to the amount earned for international flights. Members traveling on an upgraded fare purchased with points or another subsidized upgrade on Virgin Australia or our partner airlines will receive tier credits based on the originally purchased fare class.

3Priority services may not be available at all airports at all times.

4Complimentary access to the lounge is subject to the lounge rules, as amended, available online

5SeeHereAdditional baggage allowance details. Additional baggage allowances apply to Virgin Australia operated flights only. For flights marketed by Virgin Australia but operated by a Virgin Australia partner airline, baggage allowances may vary. The applicable baggage allowance is based on the member's speed status at the time of travel and not at the time of booking. Visit Virgin Australia's baggage website for full baggage policies.

6Platinum and Gold Members with a confirmed reservation on a Virgin Australia marketed and operated domestic flight who arrive at the airport earlier than their booked flight may request carriage for themselves and up to three companions with the same reservation on the earlier flight. View more details on Fly AheadHere.

7Poollet's AFamily family members donate their points or pointsIStatus credits from up to 5 contributing accountslikeSaving account. You can choose to transfer points only, or both points and status credits. An AFamily member is someone who you can indicate lives at the same address as you and is related to you in any of the following ways: husband, wife, domestic or virtual partner, mother or father (including in-laws), son or daughter (including in-laws), brother or sister (including in-laws), grandparents or grandchildren, uncle or aunt, niece or nephew, first cousin, or any foster, foster or adoptive relationship in any of these categories. Only 2 members in the family pool can be 18 years or older. When the third family pool member turns 18, they are automatically removed from the family pool. Each calendar year you can deposit up to 2 beneficiary accounts (only one at a time). We may terminate a Family Pool (including automatically removing members from a Family Pool) at any time if the Family Pool fails to comply with these Terms. View full family pool rulesHere.

8If you have your Velocity Frequent Flyer membership linked to your Flybuys home account, for every $100 (including GST) you spend each calendar month at Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland or, you can earn a standard Tier Points accrual rate of (1) Earn Status Credits First Choice Liquor Market after scanning your Flybuys card at the time of purchase, up to a maximum of 10 Status Credits per calendar month. Earning rate on Standard Status Credit is based on spending from the date of account linking. It may take up to two weeks after the end of each calendar month for standard tier credits to be applied. Expenditures do not include the purchase of gift cards, tobacco, tobacco products, charitable donations and delivery/service charges. Status Credits will be posted to your linked Velocity account at the end of each calendar month. No partial status credits are awarded, only full status credits per $100 spent. No retrospective status credit claims will be accepted at any time, including in cases where eligible spend cannot be credited to your Flybuys Household Account due to a technology error. Velocity members must also fly flights sold by Virgin Australia in order to receive eligible sectors in addition to tier credits and to upgrade or maintain a new membership tier. For more information, seeHere.

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How many velocity points do you need to become a Gold member? ›

As soon as your balance reaches 500 Status Credits and you have flown 4 Eligible Sectors3 within the last 365 days, you will be automatically upgraded to Gold membership. To maintain your Gold membership you will need to earn 400 Status Credits and fly 4 Eligible Sectors3 within your 12 month benefit period.

Does Virgin status match? ›

Just send off your application for a status match, and once approved, you'll enjoy some excellent perks when flying with Virgin Australia and its partner airlines. Velocity is matching status like-for-like.

How many status credits do you need for Gold on virgin? ›

Gold: Earn 500 Status Credits (400 to renew) + 4 eligible flights. Platinum: Earn 1,000 Status Credits (800 to renew) + 8 eligible flights.

How many status credits do I need for platinum velocity? ›

As soon as your balance reaches 1,000 Status Credits and you have flown 8 Eligible Sectors3 within the last 365 days, you will be automatically upgraded to Platinum membership. To maintain Platinum membership you will need to earn 800 Status Credits and fly 8 Eligible Sectors3 within your 12 month benefit period.

Does Velocity Gold get priority check in? ›

Velocity Gold

On-arrival domestic lounge access, subject to space. Priority check-in, baggage, security and boarding where available. Reciprocal benefits on all partner airlines, including United, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

What is the highest Velocity membership? ›

When you first join the program, your default membership status is Red (entry level). From there, you can upgrade to Silver, Gold, and then Platinum. Status Credits help determine your Velocity membership level – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Red. The more Status Credits you have, the higher your membership tier.

How do airlines verify status match? ›

With a status match, an airline will give you an equivalent or lower status tier based on the status you've already earned with a competing carrier's program. The matching airline will ask for proof of your status, usually via a photo of your membership card and a mileage statement showing your recent activity.

Do Virgin lounge members get priority boarding? ›

Gold and Platinum members can board when they like, when travelling with Virgin Australia, via our exclusive Priority Boarding lanes at selected domestic and international short haul airports.

How often can you status match airlines? ›

Some airlines limit status matches to once per lifetime of your account. Others limit requests to once every 3 to 5 years. If you are approved for a status challenge and don't meet the requirements within the specified period, your temporary status will expire.

Does Virgin Gold get lounge access? ›

We're pleased to offer pre-departure lounge access to our Business class guests, Velocity Platinum and Gold members, and Lounge Members when travelling on Virgin Australia flights.

Can Velocity Gold members use Singapore Airlines lounge? ›

Before Singapore Airlines flights

In Singapore, both Velocity Gold and Platinum members can use the KrisFlyer Gold lounge. In all other ports, they can use the same Singapore Airlines SilverKris lounge as Business Class passengers.

How many Virgin points do you need for lounge? ›

You can actually buy these passes from the Velocity Rewards Store for a princely sum of 10,000 Velocity Points each, or at the lounge door for $65 per person.

What is the difference between virgin Gold and Platinum? ›

How do I earn Velocity Gold and Platinum status? Velocity Gold is initially earned with 500 Status Credits and four eligible Virgin Australia flights within any 365-day period. Similarly, Velocity Platinum is yours for 1,000 Status Credits and eight eligible Virgin Australia flights within a rolling 12 months.

Can you pay to upgrade your Velocity status? ›

Upgrade your flight experience in 1 of 3 ways! UpgradeMe Points - Use your Velocity Points to pay for the upgrade. UpgradeMe Platinum - Receive complimentary upgrades if you're a Platinum member. UpgradeMe Premium Bid - Bid for an upgrade in our auction.

How much is 100000 Velocity points? ›

With 100,000 Velocity Points to play with, here are some of your options: Virgin Australia Holidays gift certificates worth $600 to $700. You could use your points to get $600 value in gift certificates (85,800 points) or spend a little more for $700 value (100,100 points).

Does Gold status give you priority boarding? ›

AAdvantage Gold benefits

Oneworld status: As an AAdvantage Gold member, you receive Oneworld Ruby status, which gets you access to business-class priority check-in lanes, preferred seating and priority on wait lists and standby lists. Priority boarding: Board an American Airlines aircraft in Group 4.

What are the benefits of Gold status on Virgin Australia? ›

Among the list of perks for Gold-grade flyers: access to Virgin Australia's lounges and those of its partner airlines, priority check-in and boarding, and 75% more points on eligible flights.

Who gets priority check in? ›

Getting the top levels of priority boarding is reserved for the most frequent flyers, active military members and higher fare class. You can also board early by being an AAdvantage card member. However, if you prefer other airlines, look for other travel cards that offer priority boarding and compare your options.

What can 500000 Velocity Points get you? ›

500,000 Velocity points is more than enough for two return Business class trips between Australia and Europe – or even eastern USA – flying Etihad. One member recommends transferring the points to the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program.

Is Qantas better than Virgin? ›

Both airlines have a strong presence in the Australian market and compete fiercely with each other on price and routes. Qantas is often seen as the more premium option, while Virgin Australia is seen as more budget-friendly.

Does Velocity points expire? ›

Velocity Points expire after 24 months of inactivity. To prevent Velocity Points from expiring, you can earn or redeem points at least once in a 24-month period.

How do airlines determine your group? ›

For one thing, most airlines determine boarding groups based on ticketing class (first, business, economy or basic economy). Most airlines also base boarding class on passengers with disabilities, families with children under a certain age, active military members or other similar situations.

Does boarding pass have to match ID exactly? ›

Does your plane ticket have to match your ID exactly? You cannot travel under a different name. Under the TSA's rules, the name on your boarding pass must match your government-issued ID. However, if you're missing your middle name on your boarding pass, it shouldn't be an issue.

How much does status match cost? ›

Of course, there's a catch. The airline's "Free Spirit" status match is a paid program, and it'll set you back either $49 or $99 depending on the new tier of status you hope to get. With this in mind, you may be wondering if this program is worth the trouble or the cost.

How do you get free access to Virgin lounge? ›

As a Virgin Money Business customer, benefit from free access to our lounges, where you can enjoy complimentary refreshments, free Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, TVs and iPads. All signatories to your business account have free access and can bring guests. Just register online when your account is up and running.

How long can you stay in Virgin lounge? ›

Enjoy lounge access immediately upon arrival at your destination after your Virgin Australia flight for up to 60 minutes. Subject to space availability.

Who gets to use Virgin lounge? ›

Lounge access is available when the flight you are travelling on is a Virgin Atlantic operated flight and the lounge is owned and operated by Virgin Atlantic.

Can you status match more than once? ›

You're only eligible once every 3 years

The Delta status match is valid for those who've never participated in the match prior, or if more than three years have passed since a prior status match, promotional Medallion status or complimentary Medallion status.

Are flight times overestimated? ›

The arrival and departure times airlines share with their customers often don't match how long an aircraft actually needs to spend in the air. Airlines exaggerate how long a trip will take so that even when there's a delay, the plane still arrives “on time," a strategy known as “schedule padding.”

Does airline status reset every year? ›

Your status is determined by the Loyalty Points posted to your account for the 12-month period starting on March 1 of each year. The status qualification year starts on March 1 and runs through the last day of February. This means that in 2023, your status counter will reset on March 1, 2023, and will run through Feb.

Does Amex get you into Virgin lounge? ›

Access a domestic Virgin Australia lounge by showing your boarding pass and American Express Velocity Platinum Card. Whether you are starting your trip from Sydney or Melbourne, make sure you enjoy the comfort of The Centurion® Lounge.

Can Virgin Gold access Delta lounge? ›

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold Members may access any Delta Sky Club location with a same-day boarding pass for travel in any class of service on or connecting to a same-day international flight operated by Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Air France or KLM.

Can Velocity members use Qatar lounges? ›

The partnership extends to Privilege Club and Velocity members, who can enjoy reciprocal loyalty benefits depending on status tier, such as complimentary lounge access, priority check-in, priority boarding and priority baggage delivery.

Is food free in Virgin lounge? ›

Virgin Australia operates a network of 7 Australian domestic airport lounges. These stylish lounges offer complimentary food and drinks, free wifi and a comfortable place to wait for your flight. Velocity Frequent Flyer Gold and Platinum members enjoy unlimited lounge access when flying on the same day with Virgin.

Can my wife use airport lounge? ›

Can someone else utilise my airport lounge credit card? No, the primary cardholder can only use the airport credit card. Even the lounge will scrutinise the cardholder's name for ensuring safety and security.

How do I know if my card is eligible for lounge access? ›

How can I find out if my issuer provides me with complimentary lounge visits? If your issuer provides complimentary lounge visits, there will be a “Complimentary Visit” section under My Information on the app and under My Account on the web. If you do not have any complimentary visits, this section will not display.

Do you tip in Virgin lounge? ›

Tips aren't customary in airline lounges in the same was as they are in restaurants in the US.

How much is 80000 Virgin points worth? ›

Virgin Atlantic miles are worth 1.5 cents each according to TPG's valuations, so 80,000 miles is worth $1,200.

How many Virgin points to upgrade seats? ›

Economy to Premium - 1,000 points per flight. Premium to Upper Class - 2,500 points per flight. Economy to Upper Class - 3,500 points per flight.

What are the benefits of platinum vs gold? ›

Though both gold and platinum are strong and durable precious metals, platinum is the more durable of the two. This is a result of platinum's extreme density and chemical structure.

Can you buy gold Velocity membership? ›

As soon as your balance reaches 500 Status Credits and you have flown 4 Eligible Sectors3 within the last 365 days, you will be automatically upgraded to Gold membership. To maintain your Gold membership you will need to earn 400 Status Credits and fly 4 Eligible Sectors3 within your 12 month benefit period.

Which is the most expensive between gold and platinum? ›

Price. Platinum: Despite being nearly identical in appearance, platinum is more valuable than gold. Platinum's high price point can be attributed to its rarity and density as precious metals are often priced by their weight.

How much should I bid to upgrade to business class? ›

A good rule of thumb for bidding is to figure out the difference between the cost of your ticket and the cost of an upgraded ticket and bid 20% to 40% of the difference. There's no guarantee you'll win your bid, but if you get lucky it's an upgrade at significant savings.

How many points do you need for platinum Velocity? ›

As soon as your balance reaches 1,000 Status Credits and you have flown 8 Eligible Sectors3 within the last 365 days, you will be automatically upgraded to Platinum membership. To maintain Platinum membership you will need to earn 800 Status Credits and fly 8 Eligible Sectors3 within your 12 month benefit period.

How much to bid for Virgin upgrade? ›

Follow this equation for a bid price: Calculate the regular cost of a business class seat. Subtract what you paid for the economy fare, and aim for around 20% to 40% of the remaining price. Bid slightly above the minimum to beat the crowd, since most people will choose the minimum.

How many Velocity points do I need to fly to Japan? ›

Velocity Points for flights to Japan
Departure cityVelocity Points for a one-way flight to Tokyo
BrisbaneEconomy: 56,000 Business: 104,000
MelbourneEconomy: 56,000 Business: 104,000
PerthEconomy: 42,000 Business: 78,000
SydneyEconomy: 56,000 Business: 104,000
1 more row
Oct 11, 2022

How many Amex points do you need for Velocity? ›

American Express:

A minimum of 2,000 Membership Rewards points must be redeemed for Velocity Points at any one time during the Promotion Period and must be in increments of 2 Membership Rewards points (3 Membership Rewards points for Business Ascent).

What is 1 million Velocity points worth? ›

Velocity reward flights are calculated in miles so longer flights cost more points. 1 million Velocity Points in flights also translate to: 28 return economy flights from Sydney to Nadi, Fiji OR. 28 return economy flights from Brisbane to Perth OR.

What does 20 000 Velocity points get you? ›

Included with your Virgin Australia Reward Seat
One-way miles (zone)EconomyBusiness
1-600 (1)10,00018,000
601-1,200 (2)14,00026,000
1,201-2,400 (3)20,00038,000
2,401-3,600 (4)28,00053,000
6 more rows

How do I become a Gold Frequent Flyer member? ›

The standard industry threshold for Gold is generally 50,000 miles within one year, credited to one airline's frequent flyer program. You can't pool your points between different programs.

How much is 100 000 Velocity points worth? ›

Although there are some differences in the value of these rewards, each of your points would be worth between 0.65 cents to 0.66 cents per point (based on the “cost in cash” amounts).

What is the best way to get Velocity points? ›

Banking and financial
  1. Spend with Velocity-branded credit cards. Having a Velocity Points-earning credit card is one of the fastest ways to accumulate Velocity Points throughout a year. ...
  2. Transfer your points from flexible programs. ...
  3. Take out pet insurance. ...
  4. Settle a home loan with Uno.
Mar 2, 2021

How much is 10000 Velocity points worth in dollars? ›

As an example, you may want to redeem 10,000 points for a $50 gift card. This equates to 0.5 cents per point in value.

How do you maintain Gold status? ›

To maintain your Gold Status, you must fill up at least 6 times during your 3-month qualification period (see above). That's only two times per month. Each fill-up must be at least 5 gallons or more to qualify.

How long do you keep Gold status for? ›

As an Airpoints Gold member, you can grow your family and keep most of your Airpoints benefits as well, with Status Hold - Parental. You keep your Gold status for up to two years, even if you travel less during that time.

How many status points required for platinum one? ›

3,600 Status Credits

Can a family member use my frequent flyer? ›

Can you use your frequent flyer number for someone else? In most cases, you can choose who benefits from your frequent flyer points. The process is often as simple as buying a ticket for someone else (using your frequent flyer number but their name, passport number, etc).

Can frequent flyer miles be gifted? ›

You've got flexibility with your miles with the ability to book Award Travel for yourself or for someone else – even if you're not flying with them. Plus, you can always buy more, gift or transfer them, or even donate your miles to a cause you care about.

Can I buy someone's frequent flyer miles? ›

Buying airline miles from someone violates the terms & conditions of frequent flyer programs, and you could potentially find yourself in a bad situation if things don't go as you're hoping.

How much is 1 million Virgin points worth? ›

Virgin Points do not have a monetary value. The Virgin Points in your Flying Club account have the same value as the Virgin Points in your Virgin Red account.

What does 250000 Velocity Points get you? ›

With 250,000 Virgin Australia Velocity frequent flyer points in the kitty, the world is quite literally your oyster – it's enough points to fly business class to almost any destination of your choosing, and in some cases, to even make that trip in first class.

Can you lose Velocity points? ›

Your Points expire after 24 months of account inactivity.


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